Taliban and AQ Reportedly Acquiring US/German Small Arms

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 31, 2009.

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  1. Given the proven robustness and adequate lethality of the venerable and ubiquitous AK47 and associated weapons, I am puzzled why the Taliban/AQ would now want "sophisticated" firearms.

  2. Tch. Yet another user deciding not to use the SA80...

    On a more serious note, this does raise interesting questions, particularly: where is the money coming from and who is organising the purchase and movement of the weapons?
  3. More than likely Foreign Aid!!
  4. How much do we give in benefits? !
  5. Wah
  6. How much has Broon&co supplied in Foreign aid that's now being returned in a very nasty way?
  7. I have little doubt that a lot of US dollars are also included in same "aid."
  8. AND I have little doubt that quite a few pounds, roubles and euros are going the same way,I wish I could remember the Chinese currency name.
  9. You had better learn it given that the ChiComs hold most of the debt of the US--it is the "yuan." :D
  10. Dead on, ta for remindin'me,in this part off the world it normally means yuanme,yuanhim,yuanher etc. nothing to do with money.
  11. ...and I wouldn't mind betting the odd Riyal is finding it's way into the pot.It is not really much of a surprise,money has never been a problem for Terry or the AQ boys,I am desperately trying to encourage my Grandson to learn Mandarin so that at least when they put me up against the wall,he can pay for the bullet then disown me!
  12. Now take heart, after all, according to many pundits and members of the current administration, we have nothing to fear from our friends the Chinese. They really are just like "us" and share the same respect for human rights so we have nothing to worry about. After all, we are told that that spot of bother at that large square in Peking, oops, I mean Beijing, never happened and instead our attention is directed to how impressive all that mechanized humanity was at the last Olympic Games.
  13. Try going to your local take away and instead of asking for No1 or 40 learn to ask for it in Mandarin, you'll soon catch on.
  14. Jumpin,I think you having problems with your memory. What large square? When did this take place? No large squares in China town,HONEST! Cappalist lackey!
  15. I know I will be at the head of the line for re-education when they repossess America after calling in all their loans. I was never a very good student so I will likely end up kneeling compliantly for the bullet I will have been made to purchase. :?