Taliban Ambush from Terry's perspective....

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Yeoman_dai, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. Let's see.........shit drills, bit of flapping, average age 50, one or two porkers and an overall lack of hygeine. Are they the Taliban version of the TA?
  2. Love the guy with the PKM. "Allah Akhbar!" Runs into the open to rain down lead upon the infidels and go out in a blaze of glory and.......oops did I cock it? Nope, is it jammed? I know, I'll stand out in the open while I sort it.
  3. hahaha very good very good!

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  4. If they're that bad, how come they can kicking the shit of you people and all your fancy modern weapons?

    If you can't beat a bunch of untrained civilians in sandals carrying hundred dollar rifles, who would you like to match your helicopter gunships and artillery against -- a regiment of spear carrying Zulus? The Arsenal supporters' club? An Irish cricket team? Or perhaps a vicious squad of young children supporting international terroism by collecting firewood?

    Yep, that's about the British Army's mark these days. Shooting kids. Degraded and disgraced beyond belief.
  5. Ooooh, the Irish cricket team, that hurt.
  6. Sorry would you like to back up the claim that british Toms are shooting kids?
  7. Nice rant there skip licker.

    Without knowing what the state of the CS they were engaging it is interesting but does reinforce the stereo type of the Talibs being a bunch of farmers with no major training or understand of basic marksmanship principals. The bloke at 01:43 firing over the large boulder appears to have been lucky not to get a face full when a round appears to ricochet a couple of inches in front of him.

    It's unclear how much has been edited from the video as it goes from being pitch black and the camera man using infrared to daylight/dawn in a couple of minutes, they also appear to have a mortar pit set up.
  8. Well he is trying really hard to get a rise. He is trying really really hard. I wonder what state his screen and keyboard is in?

  9. And if they are, can they pop round here I have few teen wastes of air for them to be getting on with.

  10. At least we can handle a bit of rain you ****ing mincer.
  11. **** off then! =-D Job Jobbed.

    *Edited to add:- You're a ****. :)
  12. Go on I will bite. Who did your missus run off with this week or did you catch her blowing the neighbour? You did didn't you she was performing fellatio on him wasn't she? Its ok to be angry it really is, cry it out big man cry it out their is no reason to be ashamed. We are here for you.
  13. Loved the caption - "Taliban film their own demise". Not a lot of demise-ing going on, I noticed. One WIA at the beginning seemed to be about it.