Taliban: $20 Million for hostages

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by markymoon, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. its sad, but I am completely unsurprised. it is my experience that the south koreans (as a group) have a near total lack of moral character. That view has been formed by significant personal experience. I am sorry to say that they are the only group I am willing to lump together in such a way. obviously they are not all bad, I have met a number who were great people, but.....

  2. Extremely weak and selfish it would seem, that 20 million is going to go straight into killing NATO soldiers.
  3. What's a life worth?
  4. I don't know how much guts the South Koreans have to big this out and so cannot comment on whether or not they might have paid off the Taleban. However - this is a single sourced article where the source is anonymous. How do We KNOW it is the truth and not the not so agile imagination of a Sky hack?
  5. It's not just sky, it's on many news sites including reuters.
  6. It's a shame if they have, but the families of those released will be overjoyed. Sadly, if this true, there will be some families around the rest of the world who soon won't be.

    Is it probable that this is a Taliban propaganda victory and that no cash has changed hands?

  7. Do ANY of them name this anonymous 'commander'? Could this have just come from Reuters and have been repeated on all the other media outlets?
  8. The Taliban should keep it quiet or this government will try and Super tax them for it.

    Seems a bit of a propoganda stunt really and the Korean government are denying it all so who's knows. $20 million will be a fair ammount of money to buy vehicles for suicide bombings, arms and ammo but a drop in the ocean compared to the drugs money they have so trying to cause a wedge between the Coalition is priceless.
  9. From the articles I've read the rumour seems to be coming out of south korea, and the taliban are the ones denying it.
  10. Sven, you said it was possible it was the imagination of a sky hack, I said it wasn't just from sky it's all over the web, I didn't say I knew for a fact the rumour was true did I.
  11. Less than the amount of lives that will be lost because if they really have received this much money.

    If this story is true, then it's quite worrying for the lads out there.
  13. Actually I ASKED the question. Perhaps it would have been better if You had refered to that question in Your answer
  14. You're going to have to have your daily pointless irrelevant argument with someone else today mate, I'm not interested.