Tales of the Riverbank

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Last year messages were deleted by Bad CO because of complaints from the headshed. Upsetting things had been said about individuals. So, please, no actual names are to be used. People who have business here will know what we are talking about.
Myra and friends are on a jolly in Africa. Have been told that 4 have gone and return tickets cost around £1,500 each. Add accommodation and expenses, and woops that’s £8,000. Who is paying? Units are instructed to fund raise. A nextdoor county is spitting feathers after last years overspend. They will have all paid from there own pockets, of course, even if they cannot hold a job down and been on the dole for ages. Did it need 4?


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WTF are you dribbling on about??

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Djelli Beybii

Have you just mainlined the contents of the COSHH Locker , you dripping bell end?
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