Tales of the Jock Nag

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by error_unknown, Jan 17, 2003.

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    Need to get some tales of daring exployts in the jock nag/posties/rugby club/dark side

    old favorites like who the training wing have filled in this week? :mad:

    who almost drowned CO 5 Regt in an S Tank? :eek:

    what really happened at robbo's cheese and wine do's ::)

    how often did ops drink the nag out of cafferys? ;D

    did "deep fat" go drinking anywhere that wasnt out of bounds? (good on the piss, but i didnt like singing the sash at the end of every night.........) :-X
  2. I remember one of the Pioneers got really pissed in all of the aforementioned drinking establishments and at the end of the night pulled a trout and took her back to the block.

    Instead of taking her to his 3 man shared room he "borrowed" one of the pilots single rooms and after bonking her for a while went to the toilet for a pi**.

    When he returned she was dead. No I jest u not, she was dead as a doornail.

    To make matters worse, to prevent the freak out of the pilot he moved the body to his room BEFORE calling the police.

    To top it off her old man was a copper. Never had such a laugh in all my life.

    It was proved that she had died of natural causes so no action was taken against the Pioneer.
  3. yep, i remember that one

    same singly pilot, dropped his car into a garage to get serviced,
    one of the mechanics then topped himself by inhaling exhaust fumes in his motor...... :p

    unlucky i say......

    anymore gems like that?
  4. Does any body remember  Mave the door gunner about 1993ish . At his leaving piss up, during his speech Mave was stood on a table in full flow, swamped himself much to the disgust of a rather alloof  :eek:"HS" now a pilot for BA who was stood about 3 feet in front of him. Quote from Mave at the time was nice shirt HS woops Ive swamped.  ;D ;D ;D The place just fell about into histerics. :D :D :D :D :D
  5. Think thats before Arfats time Verny baby    ;D ;D ;D
  6. Think thats probably before most people, in fact my claim to fame is that I helped the lads build th jock nag the first time, many a good night of drunken debauchery!!!

    Them were the days when they were needing them not just feeding them "young Man" ;D ;D ;D
  7. Vern was that the first Jock Nag on C site or the Jock Nag as it is now….
  8. No its the one as it is now.
  9. Ahhh I can still remember the opening night.......... the smell of wet paint and beer ;D
  10. I think wets pants and beer is more accurate
  11. There speaks someone who has had the experience of doing just that ;D
  12. Nahhh the smell of wet pants was the following night in conjunction with sticky floors and half the pictures on the wall as the first funny old thing… ::)

    Who remembers JENGA nights….  The art of getting pissed wearing the curtain tie back thingy’s around your neck smoking a cigar whilst doing impressions of Jimmy Savil, if you lost it became a very expensive round buying all a very very large shot’s for all the players………..Ahhhhh those were the days ;D
  13. Correction pte baldrick it was the BEACON BAR on C site not the jock nag red arse or cant u remember back that far probably still a twinkle in daddys eye or the milkmans lol
  14. Wankderch
    ???Come to think of it... bye George I think you’re right the beacon bar :p now that opens up a few memories. Who was the lad from the MT who ran back to the block across the runway after a Friday night session and was arrested for punching RAF police dog.
  15. there was someone every timeit was open including a current ssm in 9 regt at the mo however last i remember was wilky (brown bottle)