Tales of the Jock Nag



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Need to get some tales of daring exployts in the jock nag/posties/rugby club/dark side

old favorites like who the training wing have filled in this week? :mad:

who almost drowned CO 5 Regt in an S Tank? :eek:

what really happened at robbo's cheese and wine do's ::)

how often did ops drink the nag out of cafferys? ;D

did "deep fat" go drinking anywhere that wasnt out of bounds? (good on the piss, but i didnt like singing the sash at the end of every night.........) :-X
I remember one of the Pioneers got really pissed in all of the aforementioned drinking establishments and at the end of the night pulled a trout and took her back to the block.

Instead of taking her to his 3 man shared room he "borrowed" one of the pilots single rooms and after bonking her for a while went to the toilet for a pi**.

When he returned she was dead. No I jest u not, she was dead as a doornail.

To make matters worse, to prevent the freak out of the pilot he moved the body to his room BEFORE calling the police.

To top it off her old man was a copper. Never had such a laugh in all my life.

It was proved that she had died of natural causes so no action was taken against the Pioneer.


yep, i remember that one

same singly pilot, dropped his car into a garage to get serviced,
one of the mechanics then topped himself by inhaling exhaust fumes in his motor...... :p

unlucky i say......

anymore gems like that?
Does any body remember  Mave the door gunner about 1993ish . At his leaving piss up, during his speech Mave was stood on a table in full flow, swamped himself much to the disgust of a rather alloof  :eek:"HS" now a pilot for BA who was stood about 3 feet in front of him. Quote from Mave at the time was nice shirt HS woops Ive swamped.  ;D ;D ;D The place just fell about into histerics. :D :D :D :D :D
Think thats probably before most people, in fact my claim to fame is that I helped the lads build th jock nag the first time, many a good night of drunken debauchery!!!

Them were the days when they were needing them not just feeding them "young Man" ;D ;D ;D
I think wets pants and beer is more accurate
Nahhh the smell of wet pants was the following night in conjunction with sticky floors and half the pictures on the wall as the first funny old thing… ::)

Who remembers JENGA nights….  The art of getting pissed wearing the curtain tie back thingy’s around your neck smoking a cigar whilst doing impressions of Jimmy Savil, if you lost it became a very expensive round buying all a very very large shot’s for all the players………..Ahhhhh those were the days ;D
Correction pte baldrick it was the BEACON BAR on C site not the jock nag red arse or cant u remember back that far probably still a twinkle in daddys eye or the milkmans lol
???Come to think of it... bye George I think you’re right the beacon bar :p now that opens up a few memories. Who was the lad from the MT who ran back to the block across the runway after a Friday night session and was arrested for punching RAF police dog.
there was someone every timeit was open including a current ssm in 9 regt at the mo however last i remember was wilky (brown bottle)
been to the Jock nag squillions of times - remember going in but cannot remember coming out!

Strange that, cant even remember anything happening in there.......Doh!

;D ;) :D


Which Jock Nag are you all talking about?

I remember the bar in BK before the OC allowed us to smash it up to stop the Kingos having it.
pity i missed Mave as i was out by then, sounds typically classic Mave behaviour.
mmmm Mave Seem to remember him doing the same at my leaving do from 9 regt in 96

Mind you a few other familiar names joined in with some trouser swamping fun...........MTO was well impressed..Not!
Sorry to pour water on the amusing and spicy tales...but there was only one real Jock Nag..and that was at BK ;D

Now there was a real party place....I recall some outstanding parties that leave the Beacon and current venue out in the shade. The totty would even travel from Belfast, Fermanagh and Omagh for a shindig there!
It was THE place to be.

Recall getting an invite to a couple of cracking nights..late 88 / 89..excellent crowd in the unit at the time.

One Australian theme nite..I remember well..the ents committee had rustled about 10 sheep from the nearby farmers field and had them running around the bar...the only time I had to wipe my feet leaving a bar :D Can't say what went on with the sheep though :-X

Also recall a MASH night, when a complete Field Operating Theatre was "loaned" from the local TA Field  Hospital..along with THE Bus load of Nurses! There was some very strange internals that night!! :eek:

Ah..the good old days....you will have to do better than swamping and just plain old getting pi**ed!

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