Tales from the RAF

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Canberraman, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. Theres a new erk on the dispersal and I get the job of showing him round the Avro Lincoln on a what to and not to do basis. Its a cold day and the NAAFI wagon has just been, so we take our coffee and wads up into the nose and I carry on my chat. We finish break and tidy up and before I could stop him, the newby threw his coffee dregs down what looked like a drain in the floor. It wasn't a drain, oh no. There was a bang and a thud and a ten man dinghy popped out of the wing root. The look alike drain was the flotation switch in case of a ditching at sea. The lad was put on a technical charge and had to pay £5 towaeds the cost of restowing the dinghy.


    I've got quite a few of these tale from the RAF. Interested?
  2. In my wondering I found a coppy of "We Speak From The Air" the other week published in 1942 and is the scripts of BBC RAF radio broadcasts in 1942 very interesting
  3. A crab officer drives onto an army base, drives past a squaddie but isn't saluted. Officer stops and says to the squaddie: "Don't you salute RAF officers in the army" to which the squaddie replies "we don't have any RAF officers in the army".

    I've got quite a few of these tales about the RAF. Interested?
  4. Why is this on here and not E-Goat? This is the ARMY Rumour Service.

    Wouldn't wan't the blue jobs taking over.
  5. Something to do with the Aviation forum? :roll:
  6. Surely Army aviation though.

    Its clearly proof that the blue jobs want to become the RFC again and rejoin the fold.
  7. Why was the Mk 31 Lincoln called the “long nosed” Lincoln?
  8. A quick wiki search says that the RAAF stuck a long nose on the front to house submarine finding acoustic stuff. Amazing that a quick google search can do.