Tales from 16 Field Security Section Intelligence Corps

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. A bit of history. Good reading.


    Any one recognise any of these fellas? OPSEC observed - this picture is open source. No names on here please.

  2. Certainly recognise the man on the right.
  3. Me too!
  4. Isn't that the Sgts' Mess at Ashford in the background? Must be some time ago then.
  5. Me too; I took him in there when he was a Cpl on his A1 under false pretences as the NAAFI had shut one late night. He was v. nervous - first time in there, but the old barman did the biz. Blitzed, we were.
  6. Will be 1995 when he was there.
  7. Used to go into the Mess in Ashford whilst on guard and play the bandits-sometimes managed to swipe some stickies off the night tray-I too recognise the chap on the right from his visits to Loughborough and the like.
  8. yeah I remember him, - that's whatshisname on the right, had a nickname opposite to his size!! didn't the guy in the middle run the museum in Templar? can't rem the bootie on the left. :) ah those were the days!!
  9. The guy on the right taught on my A3(V), very nice bloke.

  10. Definitely a very, very nice bloke. The bloke on the left is bugging me, I can't remember his name or where he worked, time to go through my back issues of the Rose and Laurel. This is a piccy from the R&L circa 1994 - 1996.

    Not sure he ever had a nick-name opposite his size but I know that an even nicer bloke affiliated to the TA that was there at the same time (and now sadly passed away) and he did have a similar nickname.

    At a guess Veggie will know who I'm on about.
  11. ^ If it's who I think you are referring to I didn't know he had passed away, very sad indeed. He would have been SPSI when "Skeletor" was PSI.

  12. I don't think you should mention 'skeletor' the very mention of his name send quivers of fear through me even now!! NEEEEEE!!!!

    PM for you ref the other one.
  13. ^ I shall tell you a Skeletor story. Pull up a comfy chair and make sure you have an open bible, some garlic and a pistol full of silver ammo ready, for I might summon him unintentionally in the telling.

    Skeletor was in charge of our D&D (which as I've posted before was shared with the regulars at Ashford). Because we were pointless, scabby STAB mongs we were billeted out on St. Martin's Plain Camp, which is easily one of the most depressing, shabby and suicide-inducing army transit camps in the UK (an accolade, I think you'll agree). Especially in February, when it is like being in an Ingmar Bergman film, but in green rather than black & white.

    Anyway, when we weren't at Ashford we would sit in our freezing Nissen huts and be beasted about by Skeletor, who was clearly enjoying himself even more than usual. His favourite saying of the course was "I'm about to chuck my fcuking teddie out of the pram!" which he hollered every five seconds when somebody wasn't moving their arrse fast enough for him (i.e. all the time).

    So, at 0545: "GET UP! I'm about to chuck my teddy...."

    Waiting for the transport to Ashford at 0630: "Get on the bus! I'm about to throw my teddy..."

    Waiting for the transport back out of Ashford at 1630: Guess what?

    This went on all week. Eventually somebody (it wasn't me although I wish it was) hatched a cunning plan. We were all having a drink with Skeletor and one of his old mates who had come down, for some bizarre reason, to sing us some songs. That's absolutely right, it's February and about fifteen TA blokes are sitting in a Nissen Hut in Kent with Skeletor, his mate, several crates of wifebeater listening to him sing. They don't show that in the recruiting adverts (MORE PEPPER!!!).

    Anyway, for some reason Skeletor got annoyed about something (quel surprise! Skeletor was excellent value when slightly pished, a la the infamous Squad 49 Mess Rugby game at Ashford House WHICH WAS ALL HIS FAULT).

    :: When I just typed that last bit I felt a chill breeze up my back and a strange scrabbling noise at the door...I must be careful ::

    Just as he was about to utter the immortal words the assorted stabs revealed their secret weapons, a job-lot of about fifty fluffy, cute teddy bears which we all flung at him at once. The mighty Skeletor was felled by a torrent of cuddly toys. Well, to his credit he cracked up and gave that frankly terrifying smile.

    When all's said and done I never met a stab who didn't actually really like Skeletor. Mortally scared of him? Yes.

    I must go now, there is a spectral, hooded figure with a scythe and sexy gold-framed rectangular glasses floating along the corridor...

  14. Top Story, Skeletor was OC Templer Trg Coy when I went through Ashford, and similarly I don't know of any Regs that didn't like him or didn't have respect for him, they were just sh!t scared of him and his, " NEEEE, so you think you good enough for the Corps, well you're not, NEEEE.

    Apparently he was a great guy if you weren't a recruit.

    Heard from recently retired officer that Skeletor did retire a few years ago, apparently because he couldn't bear to see the amount of crap recruits that the Corps was letting in. He thought the Corps was going down the pan and resigned in protest. He was alledgedly not the only one of his peer group to do this.

    I'm not saying that recruits are crap now before I get a load of incoming, this was just alledgedly why Skeletor retired.
  15. TL moved to 'higher echelons' a few years ago, but I don't think it's him in the piccie - his moustache was bushier for a start !