Taleban pose in dead soldiers uniform

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. And you though the UK press was bad....


    Hopefully Sarko will unleash the full intrusive weight of the French State on this fcuking rag, its owner and the utter piece of scum that did the ‘reporting’ .
  2. Disgusting journos.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    This has caused outrage in France and has been condemmed from all directions.

    It seems some journo got the "scoup" of interviewing the taliban fighters who were involved in the firefight with French soldiers recently. To support their claim the taliban produced kit and some personal effects of the 10 dead French soldiers and posed for photos.
    The journos first thought should have been to pass the intelligence to someone appropriate along with some handy photo ID's - instead the lowlife put self interest first, forgot what respect is, forgot about the pain to families and friends, forgot about actively supporting the enemy - e.g. behaved as people with no base concept of duty or morality do.

    The French are not happy, there will be follow up and consequences for those whose "misjudgement" allowed this to occur it seems.
  4. Its not that bad in comparison to dropping a JDAM and killing 70 Civilians?

    Far worse things happen in war........ another non story, which will undoubtedly end up being blown out of all proportion.

    How many pictures of Brit squaddies are taken holding Iraqi helmets, AK-47s, or Afgan spoils of war........ or even be photographed with bodies?
  5. Cant work out if I'm "OUTRAGED" or "DISGUSTED"

    Do you think they stole their wine and cheese from their rat packs too?
    That would tip me over the edge to "HORRIFIED"

    Still after 30 minutes on the web, not managed to find a copy of the piccys yet
  6. If Soviet newspaper would publish photos of German troops in Soviet uniforms, with Soviet weapons in hands then it would only strengthen the will to defeat the enemy. Why? Because it was a just war.

    If the war in Afghanistan has good justification then (in theory) French public opinion should be more supportive toward the war.

    So we come to an obvious conclusion that the problem is not in the photos themselves. The problem is in the war, in its justification.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Pretty mong'ish comment.

    Imagine a photo of the IRA in balaclavas posing and laughing with dead squaddies kit and showing off the watch they took from a dead tom? Then imagine it being published in Time magazine?

    Not quite a non-story if French public opinion gets anti enough to result in a French pull out of Ag.

    Its certainly not a non-story in France right now.
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Match pulled the photos yesterday.
  9. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    and those bastards can always make the excuse that they don't know about the geneva convention
  10. Of course Nato troops would never pose for photographs with captured enemy equipment.

    Interesting that the Taliban Commander wished to return personal effects ( a watch) to the deceased's family.

    British media showed Service personnel captured by enemy forces in the past, let alone captured pieces of equipment. I think there's perhaps an overreaction here.

    :awaits incoming:
  11. The Soviet example isn't the same as the Germans would be seen as collectively insulting the Soviet People. The French on the other hand are angry because of the insult caused to the individuals in question, and the Taliban's disregard for their lives. Did the Soviet citizens exposed to pictures for a moment concider the tragedy of what had happened to the people who used to own the uniforms the Germans were wearing? Doubtful. The Soviets put the state and cause before the individual. We should be proud that we, unlike the USSR, can see beyond the state and cause and see the people.
  12. Posing with an AK is one thing. Prising the no-doubt blood-stained and bullet-ridden uniform of a corpse and playing dress-up is quite another.
  13. I have. They're not that bad, but no doubt a bit of a shock to the system for Frenchie. They've got enough equipment to be able to pass a couple of self detonating rag-heids right past guards half-asleep at checkpoints without so much of a second glance, so that'll be an issue.

    [Edited to add] We've killed the two leaders from that photo-op, but no comments on wheter the misplaced uniforms and equipment have been located.
  14. The photos aside, this little snippet is interesting given the horror-stories about how the Taleban treat their enemies' dead and wounded. As a 'hearts and minds' campaign isn't something one would normally associate with the Taleban, is this an individual commander's / unit's display of humanity or a cynical exercise in propaganda to the French by them? "We're only fighting for our country, we're not animals, here, have the personal effects back."

    The Coalition has been very good at encouraging the "monster myth" that helps nations fight wars - the enemy has no human identity, no family or social structures that one can identify with etc. so maybe this is the Taleban's psy-ops team in action.