Taleban or Taliban?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fluffer, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Whats the difference? And when should you use which one?

    Not a wahh, genuinly curious...
  2. Apparantly we shouldn't use either as it means student.
  3. Either. Talib (or Taleb) is Pashto for religious student and Taliban is the plural. Take your pick.
  4. Talib I think means a student, coming from the word ta'lim, meaning education or instruction; taliban is plural. "Taleban" seems to be a transliteration difference.

    Not a Pashto specialist but I can't see that it matters all that much.
  5. Is 'Raghead' more politically correct?
  6. Sand Paki or dirty stoneage dwelling inbreed.
  7. Only politically correct if shouted loudly

    in Bolton

    In front of journos

    Holding MOD 90 aloft

    Brandishing knives........ big feck off shiny ones

    Its alright then i think
  8. Or if your first name's Harry.
  9. You will have to aloow a little left or right movement on that one i think, guns may be more appropriate.
  10. We used that with the Iraqis. We need an equally derogatory term for the Afghans.
  11. er............. ragheads?

    Dirty Raghead?

    maybe they would like to be called Iraqis



    the potential list is endless
  12. Apart from the cnuts bit, I'm a bit confused by your post.
  13. Towelheads?
  14. Yea got that rammed down my throat last week at an RFCA meeting, apparently we should all stop using that term but when you see the PM et al using it I can't see it changing soon. Apparently the minority communities are getting upset by the term
  15. Dub's = Dirty unwashed Bottoms.