Taleban make UK troops threat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4940832.stm

    "an old enemy of Afghanistan". ? How old is this Taleban Commander?
  2. Reference troops levels

    I can understand the man's concern at force levels of 3,300. The massacre of the 14,999 took place under far more relaxed RoE
  3. But there's a marked difference from fighting the whole Afghan population to a few hundred (or thousand) Taliban rebels! All operations are dangerous, some more than others. So what!
  4. Should learn a bit of history. Every country that has tried to subdue/invade the Afghan have had their arrses kicked.

  5. Again for those that are not listening. The Afghan population regard the strict Taliban rule more of a threat to their lifestyle then the coalition forces. To that extent, the Afghans as a whole are not going to suddenly turn against us. No-one is trying to subdue the population. The British Army work alongside the Afghan Army and Police force. Doesn't that tell you something?
  6. they may like the coalition forces more than the taliban, but im sure that they like the vast amounts of cash from the opium fields than they like coalition intervention to try to make them grow tea instead.
  7. You really expect us to listen? :)

    You are right at the moment but I don't think it would take much to turn a bad situation into a 'kin horrible one though.

    The question of the poppy fields might cause a bit of bad feeling if handled in the wrong way?
  9. I do not believe that British forces will be used in the eradication of the opium trade. The Afghan army has been assigned for this role, though i'm under no illusion that the Taliban, farmers and drugs barons will vent their anger on both us and the Afghan forces. Only time will tell if Op Herrick will become a thorn in our side.
  10. It's not a new situation by which British Soldiers are once again asked to stick their necks out.

    No one out there has been forced to go, we're all professional soldiers. The RoE are strict yes but I don't think anyone on Herrick will wish to become a statistic. If a scrap does ensue, I'm sure the Taliban et all will get a shoe-ing.

    Lets remember that this isn't 1842, we're not Russian Conscripts and RLC Drops wagons are now sporting large shooters...........who the fcuk would want to muck around with some RLC chick driver, whose on the rag and armed with a .50 cal?
  11. The weasel wording of the Op Order ("to act in support of ...") will cut no ice with the locals - they're not on the distribution list for a start.

    To the locals the poppy is the only way to do better than absolute bare-bones subsistence farming. The Taliban support them in this - they've changed tactics from pre 9/11 (funny that, changing tactics in response to changing situations, maybe HMG could try it). The British Army will act in support of a thoroughly corrupt Afghan government to stop them growing poppy and will be their priority target. After all, if the current Afghan forces were a threat then we wouldn't be in the country.

    Actually, I'm not quite correct. The Afghan regime will not seek to shut down all poppy production, merely that not controlled by themselves. That leaves the British Army acting to make some of the poorest people in the world poorer, boost their membership of and allegiance to AQ and the Taliban, and make the current Afghan regime rich on the sale of drugs paid for by crime in our country.

    Forgive me if I'm not convinced.
  12. Sorry Fallschirmjager, I can't share your belief. What about the rumoured Para drop planning? Do you honestly believe that 16 Bde are going to land in the poppy field DZ, take one look around them and say "Right chaps lets get on with building bridges and schools" ?

    And regardless of what line is being pushed by HMG, it's a virtual certainty that british troops are going to be targetting Taleban on Herrick.

    Edited to hopefully make my point clearer!
  14. True at the moment but not the case if you provide irrigation (poppies grow even in fairly arid conditions), a better road network to transport heavy/voluminous products, skills training in other crops (see Zimbabwe for farmers with zero skills and low crop yields) etc

    Don't forget this area didn't always grow poppies it was known as a bit of breadbasket for decades.

    Plus stopping the farmers from growing poppies is in their own interest. Opiate addiction destroys their families and the lives of people in the surrounding countries. Also, when anybody operates outside of the law it leaves them vulnerable - I wonder just how fairly the warlords treat small farmers?


  15. And they offered them a safe passage and then shot them all from the safety of a valley wall after a bloody long siege.......so I don't think the situation is the same