Taleban in Helmand is active.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4676646.stm

    And where are traing camps of Taleban? In Iraq.


    There were election in Afghanistan. But it is almost as if this is happening in a parallel universe. Or on another planet. Indeed Helmand is another planet. Would it attract the Little Prince?
  2. Oh Great - that makes everything just wonderful. Load of very aggro 'civvies' all wound up from deaths at wedding ceremonies.
  3. Well T6, you sure are 'trying'. The trouble is, as foxnews itself reports, whatever you're doing ain't working!
  4. T6 - Have I misunderstood you or are you saying the US has been doing something extra recently to prepare for Task Force Helmand? In reality isn't this merely the latest in a long line of engagements with Taliban remanants.

  5. The US is trying to wipe out the taliban wherever they are. There have been attacks recently upon the Canadians and so offensive operations would be a good way to upset the taliban's center of gravity.
  6. Please do tell. Just what do you think their centre of gravity is? Not this previously unheard of Mullah I hope...
  7. British troops may face al-Qa'eda fighters sent from Iraq to Afghanistan


    I suspect Nimroz Province will not 'border' our AOR, but is more likely to be part of our AOR!

    But this part gave me a little extra cause for concern,
    So what the fcuk have the septics been up to if not securing their perimeter????

    Hang on a minute. I thought Fallujah and Ramadi were 'controlled' by the US too. Bit of an oversight that, letting the Taleban set up training camps in your own back-yard. Ooooooh dear! :wink:
  8. So Taleban sends its militants to 'train' not in Iran (it is quite near) that is branded as a 'sponsor of terrorism' but to Fallujah, that had been stormed many times by American troops and Iraqi interpreters.
  9. If the taliban are being trained its happening in Pakistan.
  10. Under supervision by beacon of democracy Musharraf?
  11. Well if that is true (ie. they are training ONLY in Pakistan), surely it contradicts your earlier assertion:
    I mean, apart from the odd LGB dropped from a great height onto buildings that often contain nothing but (innocent) civilians, what is the US doing to "wipe out the taliban" in Pakistan?

    Moreover, if it is true, and Pakistan is providing a safe-haven for such terror training camps, why has Pakistan not been invaded and occupied. Don't forget, it also has direct links to 9/11, is confirmed as having WMD, and is proven to have helped Iran in its WMD programme.

    Sometimes T6 when you stop and think about what you write, there is evidence of sensible and reasoned thought. However, with these one-liners that you habitually come out with, not only are you contradicting yourself, but showing up each time the hypocracy in the Bush Administration foreign policy.