Taleban are worn down, say British troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. From The TimesFebruary 23, 2008

    Taleban are worn down, say British troops

    Michael Evans, Defence Editor
    British troops in southern Afghanistan have “worn down” the Taleban and forced them to abandon many of their key strongholds in Helmand province, a senior commander said yesterday.
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  2. Thats good its about time, I was start to wonder when they would just give up!
  3. Poor sods. Over stretched, incompetent defence procurements procedures and lack of long term goals by their leadership.
    Thank God it does'nt happen here.
  4. I have the greatest respect for the Brit troops who have fought in this extremely difficult war.
    I would like to think that they have broken the camels back during this operation.
    However expireance says that when Guerrilla / Terrorist forces are on the defensive they start to scream ceasefire or plead for an end to their harsh treatment.
  5. Need to wait and see. Wouldn't surprise me if they'd got fed up fighting with the scary bits of NATO. So they may have decided to go after softer targets instead. Tet offensive in Kabul? Switch to attacks in Pakistan? Ground-down and hacked off? Could be either of those three imo.
  6. My bold.

    Don't quite know how to take the Paki SF, in one way I don't trust them, in another way I do as they have passed over loads of Intel and do not flinch at fcuking aq and the taliban.

    Typical situation in a split country I suppose

    Personally I thing aq or the Taliban attacking Pakistan with any gusto would be a major fcuk up. Pakistani SF are not known for their niceness and fairness and tend to meet fire with HUGE fcuking fire. I would imagine that a Pakistani interogation of aq or tali after an attack on Pakistan would be a wonder to behold.