Builds Takome 1/35th scale FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Needs a black bin bag stuffed full of empty tinnies and rat pack cartons plus a couple of blokes having a fag on the tail gate.
Wanted this for my birthday, guess I will be getting it.
Looks a very interesting model.
An essential accessory of course would be several "yellow handbags" and trays of eggs in tucked in the side-bays?

Personally, I'd be tempted to do a diorama with a startled Coy. Comd. who, having opened the back door un-announced (as the nosy c*nt was always doing!), finds the vehicle empty apart from the driver who, even more startled, has his coveralls and skiddy's around his ankles and a jazz-mag in one hand. (You can fill in the rest I'm sure)
we always had Chally bins on the sides of ours