taking video cam to phase 1

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by killergibbo, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. well i want to get things recorded so that ill be able to keep them and look back and show them to my kids in years in come

    but what are the rules about them ive seen a few videos on youtube of people recording while in the field during phase 1 and while in there rooms and stuff..

    can anyone shed any light on this
  2. take one mate, im at lichfield at the mo, and most have digi cams one has a cam corder they are good to have especially for realties of war and stuff
  3. It will not be an issue at Winchester but there is a time and a place for it.
  4. Lichfield? Of course, there is plenty of real estate in the area but I assume that you mean "realities of war and stuff". In which case, my question remains:


    In a war zone, you won't have time to mess around with a camera.


  5. So did he stay or go back to Brum to be a Gangsta? I couldn't bear listening to any more bloody rap music.

    I Bet Cpl **** of the ************ was delighted to have his name and regiment broadcast over the internet!

    Perhaps lessons on PERSEC should feature in Phase1
  6. My understanding is that the vids we see of action in Afghanistan with PARA and RM comes from special helmet-mounted cams. The idea of a hand-held unit operating in a battle situation does not gel. If one wants just living conditions and local 'touristy' material, I would use a still digital as chances of good results are higher. YMMV