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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Faustic, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Hey people.

    So yeah, just need any advice you can give about what rifles are prety good for a maximum budget of around £180. I'm swaying towards a .177 as i've heard their trajectories are flatter and more stable than a .22, and it's mainly going to be used to targets soooo :)

    Don't want to go over a 12/flb limit as I can't be bothered to fork out for a firearms license :evil:

    So yeah, any advice about anything shooting-related would be helpful :D


    Oh one more thing:
    I happen to have the original GAT and I was wondering what all the "hype" about it is. Seems a pretty sh1te weapon to me lol. Any help with that would be appreciated aswell :p
  2. as with anything the 'best' thing going is the max you can afford. for a budget of £180 your in the springer air rifle range, precharged slug guns are expensive,
    i say your better going for a decent second hand springer of a good make like BSA or weihrauch, you sould find a decent rifle up to the 12ftlbs in your price range.

    check out some of the uk air rifle forums, many of then have a 'for sale' thread, you might get lucky and find a good rifle in your area.

    PS - now, open sights are ok and the best way to start off learning correct shooting skills, but later if you do fit a scope in all honesty you should spend more on the scope/mount than the rifle, no matter what caliber/round it it.


    ahhh, The Gat. more likely responsible for the blinding of under 15 yr olds in the world than any other mechanism. i'm fondly remembering visions of my class mates jumping around with a well placed dart sticking out their backsides, those were the days, bliss. wish i had still had one, they got more kudos than my webley tempest i use for plinking in the house :D