Taking up motorcycling - Where do I start?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by EX_STAB, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. I'm considering buying a motorcycle. This isn't a mid-life crisis thing, more an economical way to commute to work.

    I've had a car licence since 1987 so have a provisional motorcycle licence.
    This used to mean I could ride any bike up to 125cc or unrestricted with a sidecar on. I understand the 125cc thing went in favour of a power rating and the sidecar loophole went altogether. Compusory Bike Tests came in too but I don't know whether I need one to take advantage of my provisional licence.

    So the question is:

    What do I have to do to get on the road?

    I'll perhaps start a separate thread on which bike to choose so as to avoid this thread getting to complicated!
  2. Legaly you now have to complete Compulsory Bike Training (CBT) to be allowed on the road on your own.

    Many Instructor schools offer a CBT & Direct Access course as a package. Yellow Pages is probably your best bet (I did it in 2005 - cost about £400 in total - well worth it!)
  3. Walk out door, go down drive, road is the black thing underfoot snaking off into the distance

    (Sorry, couldn't resist it! :twisted:
  4. You can get hold of a Bike Licence in just under two weeks if you opt for an intensive course (yellow pages is a good place to start looking). They will put you through the Comp Bike Test (CBT) in a day which will allow them to teach you on anything up 500cc.

    The training is intensive and you will be in the saddle (wahay!) for up to seven hours a day but it's well worth it.

    You will then sit your test at the end and Bobs your uncle; you're qualified.

    I did mine about 10 years ago and it cost me around £300 so I guess that will have gone up.

    Good luck
  5. Best get your motorcycle test in now. It all changes October next year.

    Your gonna need some cash up front as initial outlay for test, then pay for your bike, tax, MOT, helmet, Boots, gloves, leathers/textiles, insurance, a decent lock and chain and perhaps a disc lock.

    Good luck
  6. I used to charge £549 for a five day Direct Access Course, which included Bike Hire, CBT and test fee.

    You now have to do the Motorcycle theory test as well before you can do your practical.

    My best advice is to try and get the training spread out a little in case you need to squeeze in any extra lessons before the test, could save you a fortune in the end.

    Good luck
  7. As an addenda; the Bike test now and car test, you have to do a Hazard Perception test too.

    I highly recommend popping into WHSmiths and buying the interactive DVD for it. You can practice a mock test and get a chance to ogle at Suzi Perry too. Can't be bad eh?
  8. Where are you in England. I can recommend a very good place in Devon. I did mine there in March. 1 day CBT 5 days training and one pass result at the end.
    I found it advantageous as they have there own private tarmaced area about half the size of a football pitch to practice on. Good luck with the U turns
  9. mmmmmmm Suzy Perry
  10. Starts to sound like a lot of petrol money!
  11. Man, she is [Suzi Perry] one hot bit of totty. The best thing to come out of Birmingham!!
  12. By they way, in case you aren't aware, the Theory test has now been increased to 50 questions from 35. I think the pass mark is now 42 or 43 out of the 50.
  13. Excellent advice. Whatever you do, don't skimp on training and protective clothing. Good luck!
  14. STAB you can save money if you go about it the right way. Firstly £500 for your Direct Access is all you need to pay. IF you failed your test, most companies give you additional lessons for free until you pass.

    Secondly: I wear issue boots and gloves on my bike - thats another £100+ saved.

    Thirdly: Instead of expensive leathers (because Im commuting to work in a suit, shirt and tie) I bought a two pieced armoured cordura jacket and trousers. I wear it over my work gear and its wind/waterproof and comfortable. The set I have now I bought on the cheap in Lidl for £100!!!! I keep my good leather race suit for when Im out on the bike at weekends.

    As for your lid, well you get what you pay for!!! I currently use a Caberg Trip (flip up lid) which is over £150 in the shops but you can get brand new on eBay for £100.

    Just shop around mate and you can save a fortune!!