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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stealbikes, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. hi

    im part of a unit in wales and due to work am currently living in the south of england. i have been in the ta about 3 years but due to current work commitments i am finding it hard to attend weekends(long weeks at work!)
    is there any scheme that i can take 6 months to a year out of the ta and then come back when im suitably settled and in a better position to have regular attendance?

    any help or pointers would be great.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Yes, it is called a leave of absence and is a simple process.

    Make an appointment with your OC, explain the situation and you will be given leave of absence for up to 12 months.

    Your unit should say in touch with you, as you should with them, so that you are able to return when your circumstances change.

    Another option might be to ask if you can train with a unit near to where you are in the South of England.

  3. It should be no problem at all, as MSR states, you could take a leave of absence, very easy to do.
    Though you could also talk to your CoC and let them know the situation. I f possible you could just come in less often, i.e. hardly any Tues nights and just the odd weekend when you are able to. This way I feel you remain far closer to your unit if you know what I mean.

    I had a similar situation many years ago when I had to go to college for a year, my unit was in Yorkshire and my College in Scotland. I let them know and just attended Tues during hols etc and the odd weekend, (it was dead handy when training at Otterburn, I just met them their and was home before them on the Sun!). I managed enough days to scrape my bounty (which was an obvious bonus) and stayed more a part of my unit than I felt I would have done if I had gone down the leave route.

    Of course it depends if you feel you could do without feeling obliged to attend etc but this should not be the case if you talk to them. Sometimes people need the break and thats understandable.

    I suspect that once you have spoken to your CoC they will probably prefer you to just come in when you can rather that take a leave.
  4. Good God man! - changed your location of work?

    What's the matter with you - you don't need to work - mobilise and get a medal.

    Why else would you join the TA?
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    A point to note is that from my experience, people who take a leave of absence very rarely actually come back to full attendance. Their other commitments fill to expand the time available, and time for TA becomes harder to find.

    If it is for a genuine fixed period (ie exams, or a particular contract) then consider a LOA. If it is more that you are struggling with your time commitments in general, then a serious reappraisal may be required. It is better to step down due to pressure of work and leave on good terms, than be remembered as that bloke to took a leave of absence, then never came back/had to be chased for his kit etc.
  6. Steals - you could also try for a transfer to the Unposted List which, if approved, would allow you to be attached to a local unit in order to complete Bounty-minimum training (List A) or simply remain in the TA without any training liability (List B). Posting is for up to 2 years, reviewed after the 1st year. Once on the list, you are managed by Glasgow. Regulations/guidance are in the TA Regs, Chapter 3, Part 15.
  7. I did it a few years ago now, I just wrote a letter. Be warned I missed out on my bounty as I was out of the UK for 6.5 months and although I had passed all ITD's did not get the bounty as I was unable to train for 6 months or more.

    This then also meant I did not have enough bounty qualifying years to receive the Jubilee. I missed out for being open and honest as advised by unit.
  8. LOA or Unposted List?