Taking time off work for application/selection purposes.

Right, I'll just explain my situation before I ask for some advice!

So, I finished college this year round, got a few A Levels, and decided now was the time to chase my long standing ambition to join up!
First things first, though, I have to pay £200 a month board so I needed some sort of temp (6 months or so) job while I sorted my application out.
So I apply for a few jobs, and now, here I am, sat in a nice warm office, rottin' away behind a desk!

Here's the problem... I need to keep hold of this job 'till early next year when I am likely to make my intake. The twist? I work for a business that is 100% (bar me) staffed by Jehovas Witnesses. They are, as a whole (at least this lot), REALLY against war. My first day here even involved a short lecture on why they have no idea why anyone would want to be green!

Now, they're a really nice bunch of people as a whole and I don't want to offend them (or get fired) by telling them I'm taking 3 days off to join the "evil killing, raping, and pillaging machine" that is the British Army.

So far, for each of my appointments I've been armed with an excuse (I have to book hol time off 2 weeks in advance and the Recruiters are generally wanting me within the next few days), but I'm fresh out of ideas. What the bloody hell do I say?
Are they allowed to fire me if I tell them I'm going directly against everything they stand for?

I'm not too fussed about going against their religion so much. I'm not a Witness. But I really can't be arrsed getting binned 'till I at least know my start date!
no legally they cant fire you because of their religious/personal beliefs because it would be counted as unfair dismissal and you could sue them etc


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no legally they cant fire you because of their religious/personal beliefs because it would be counted as unfair dismissal and you could sue them etc
However, with Quakers I think you will find that they will stand any cost and you will still be out of a job trying to fight an ET case.
Right cheers Danny, thought that would be the case, having just signed my cuntract of employment, too!
Still at odds as far as whether to tell them or just keep quiet for now, and give them notice when I know for definite my intake.
Don't divulge anything (in the hope they'll extend you latitude which considering their beliefs they probably wont) unless absolutely necessary.

What are the 3 days off for? ADSC? Look at Life course? How much notice were you given for this 3 day event? How many holiday days left do you have this year?

Just explain your personal circumstances to your recruiter & I'm sure they'll accommodate you as best as they can (they'll go at your pace & there are other ADSC / LAL slots you can be loaded on). In the meantime start saving up your disposable income for the worse case scenario.
Auld, I think you're right. They're very firm believers in their own morals and probably will push anything, if it's against their beliefs. This chap even refuses business with any distantly Military/Military related company.

3 days off are for ADSC, but my holiday time is only down to a few days left now (only had just over a week to start with, due to starting late in the year), on Friday, the chances are they will give me a choice of a sooner or later date to go to ADSC and I want to get up there ASAP.
The recruiters have been top so far though, flexible where needed! Been trying to make sure I don't get in the shit with work.
There is no disposable income as it is, but I will be stockpiling as soon as I can!

Problem is, if I get caught out bullshitting the odd day off, I'm probably more likely to get fired legitimately for that than if I tell them I want to join.

Was considering blagging the time off as unpaid on the grounds that I'm finishing my D of E exped or something! They know I'm into my outdoors stuff so perhaps that's my best bet...

Just a head's up... I was in exactly the same position as you fella - Started a new job shortly after my application process began for the Army... I've had to take quite a lot of time off work to the point where i've not been able to get holidays so I've made excuses and it's got me a written warning. I've spoke to my careers office about this and they have done loads to accomodate my working hours etc - the only issue I have now is my selection dates - I require 5 weeks notice to book time off - I got my dates for selection last friday and it's the 27th September so - it's a bit dicey and there's not much the recruiters can do about that.

Ultimately it come's down to whats more important I suppose - but just thought i'd let you know that the recruiters at my local afco have done loads to accomodate me around working etc : )

Hope this helps.
Fair one Crook, I don't really want a bollocking yet! Cheers for the heads up.
The Army's something I've wanted to do for a long time and it comes first.
It's just a case of balancing not getting the sack with not letting the current job hinder my application process!
So you got about 4 weeks or so notice for ADSC? If I get that much I'm sure I can book some time off! Unpaid or not!

I agree though, so far the recruiters have done a top job! It's not them who are wanting me to go in ASAP though, that's my own doing. Like I said, it's priority and I'm not letting an office job slow down my progress.
Tim, when you do your final interview they will ask your availability for ADSC so just explain your position re your notice period to them and it will be sorted, you can also claim for loss of earnings for the 3 days but obviously you would need to get it counter signed by your work so they would know what your up too.
Ah, that's excellent! In that case perhaps I can cut it to just the two weeks notice... IF I can get it.

Loss of earning eh? Well 3 days on my wage is probably only about two quid so it's not worth the hassle of telling them. Useful info though!

I'm guessing they won't ask for my current employer's details for a reference either? I have a few others but I thought it was the done thing to ask the current. After all, I could have gone mental since I started there!
Sorry thats 2 days, no they won't ask your current employer as they do suggest not even telling your employer what you are doing due to nothing being in stone untill you attend ADSC, to be honest all the Army want from your employer is your P45 when you get to phase 1 :)
Well, make it £1.30 loss of earnings then!
Well, that's good news! I guess they don't need a reference, a weekend selection course is a good judge of character and so on.
I look forward to seeing their reaction when they get a P45 request from the Army!

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