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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by GDav, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. I hope admin, mods and others will forgive me for making this post in here because I note that so many threads on the subject have been closed.

    I'm referring to the "Danny's Daughter" issue.

    I read the posts on Sunday with some interest and decided to do some research. I came up trumps. The story is absolutely genuine. Confirmed by a number of US and UK newspaper headlines and stories from 2004.

    I'm not an ex-Engineer but that doesn't stop me being touched by the story.

    What I've also found out is: no amount of money we could reasonably raise is going to make one iota of difference. The legal costs are just too high.

    There is one thing we can do however, if we want to help. My research has led me to certain facts. One of them being that another woman who lives in the UK is in the same predicament and, apart from a website she has started, she has also raised an e-petition.

    I would ask of you, that you sign this petition to show support for these women and particularly for Danny Thompson's daughter.

    From Admin and Mods I would ask: if you don't think this is a suitable subject for discussion that you allow the petition link to remain as a sticky with a brief outline of the case (or cases) and the need to get amendments to the Hague Convention clauses of 1960 which are now being used for an inappropriate purpose.

    Here's the petition. Please sign.

  2. In fact, I would take this a stage further and ask you, if you are willing, to ask all your friends to consider signing this as well. The more names the better. If enough interest is raised the media and politicians will do the job for us - and it won't cost us, or young Claire Thompson, a penny.
  3. i also read up on this when she first posted last year & found articles regarding her plight.

    i have signed the petition today.

    as GDav states it costs nothing so lets try to help an ex-sappers daughter out gents.

  4. Signed.
  5. Signed as well
  6. I have a mate who's family is going through this Hague Convention bollocks. His wife has been pre-judged to be guilty, and has to prove her innocence. The effect its having on them is considerable, as her ex husband can make any claim he likes with no evidence, and its up to them to find proof that the claims arent true.....

    If his wife is unsuccesful at court, my mate faces his wife and the kids he has supported and been dad/father to for a good number of years being ordered to return to the US within 28 days - ripping the family apart, as he would then have to apply for a US visa from the Uk, which can take a long time.

    Its unfair, and he's convinced it contravenes EU Human rights legislation....

    Petition signed and passed to all in the unit......
  7. Signed

    Now which one of you went on a train with me to South Shields to teach the Stabs D6's ? Fred you are out there somewhere.
  8. Signed

    Pardon being slightly off topic but....
    Fcuk me and why aye, bonny lad - would this be the legendary G***die C******n on the line? I recall that weekend - you were dragged off to teach D6's and I was dragged up into the Sgt's Mess for a Nukie Brown or three - at 0900 hrs on a Saturday morning........
    PM me
  9. signed
  10. Signed and good luck with the petition!!

    Also off topic so is Staaken the famous Fred P that taught me D6's with Sapper1743? Bob is that 1743 the year you were born? he he he!!
  11. Fred P - Now I know why the Staaken monica. Many a time having done the old Staaaken hill run and back up the Heerstrasse to Smuts. How you keeping Fred, last time we met was at dear Mick D's final pass off ceremony. I never did get to arrange that game of Golf in his memory .

    I am sitting next to Geo the slug, he's off to Csek next week the lucky fecker
  12. Dick is Csek anywhere near the Czech republic, which is where I am indeed off to next week? is Csek near Piland or Ostryia or indeed anywhere near the Slopak Republic?? mmmmm ex CoJ's.... Ive Sh1t em!! :-D
  13. C ountry
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