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Taking the Piss

On one tour in NI, one of the lad's shot and killed a nail bomber. It was a cracking shot and it seem's only fair as the bomber was trying to kill my mate and the rest of his patrol. The locals set up a shrine and covered the large puddle of blood and goo left on the floor with a plastic sheet. On late night patrols, it wasn't unknown for the sheet to be lifted up and one or two of the blokes would have a piss.

Best not to get caught on camera though to be honest.


Why would they film it and post it on the web? Maybe the guy who filmed it had a grudge against the other four. Whatever else happens, these guys are going to have the book thrown at them...
A spokesman for the Taliban in Afghanistan told the BBC his group "strongly condemns this action and it is not a human action. It's a wild action that is too shameful for us to talk about".

However laying IEDs, decapitating captive soldiers and civilians, using women and children as cover, holding up in schools and mosques and all the other nasty little tricks that contravene the rules of war that the Taliban use are fair game then eh!? W@nkers! I hope it was stinky orange dehydrated piss and they could smell it from beyond!
They don't like it up em!

A spokesman for the Taliban in Afghanistan told the BBC his group "strongly condemns this action and it is not a human action. It's a wild action that is too shameful for us to talk about"
Just wait till someone shits on them, they might just knock it on the head then. Never mind expensive JDAM strikes, we could have defeated them with poo poo and wee.
"Afghan Member of Parliament Fawzia Kofi said ordinary Afghans, no matter how they felt about the Taliban, would be upset by the video.

"It's a matter of a human being, respect to a human being," she told the BBC."

Yes dear. Because nothing says "I respect you as a human being" like dressing prisoners in a fetching Tango number and giving them the closest ever shave on international television to the genteel strains of heart-rending screeching. Bravo indeed for 'yumin rites.

As an aside though, could I just ask what political position you would hold if the Taliban were still in charge? Slightly complicated giving quotes to the Beeb from under a large pile of rocks, is it not?

Good Lord, no wonder they manufacture heroin in Afghan - God knows you'd have to be on something.
Should have wrapped them in a pig skin (if you could find one out there) , Ive heard it really pisses them off:)
Makes me think of a particularly nasty bit in one of the later Tom Clancy books when one of the heroes presses an American football into a dying terrorist's hands, telling him he can take this fine US pigskin to Allah.

Seriously, if we are to maintain any moral legitimacy we have to prove ourselves better than our enemies. That does not, however, preclude killing the lot of them.
Is it not the latest US clearing up drill to ensure the enemy really are dead and not just playing dead? One guy with a SAW covers the enemy watching for signs of life as the others sprinkle their faces??

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