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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SOLO, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. In an image that sums up all that is wrong with Broken Britain this drunken lout callously urinates on a war memorial while out on a boozy pub crawl.

    The reshers student Phil Lang 19-year-old, wasted on an all night drinking session, shamelessly desecrated the memorial for Our brave Boys who died fighting for this country.

    Pictured wearing trendy designer clothes the Sheffield University student shows absolutely no remorse as he urinates on poppy wreaths decorating the statue.


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  2. Nail his c'ck to a railway sleeper :D
    That'll learn him to show some proper respect :D
  3. Call me old fashioned but those clothes are NOT trendy!!
  4. Jesus. I don't take much seriously on this site but that article has left me sickened. I hope a member of the commnuity here recognises him and does what is required. Sickening and sad. Truly sad.

    Jamming the switchboard of Shefield polyversity with calls about this piece of vermin would I think bring his student career to a grinding halt.
  5. Why didn't the fcuker taking the photo stop the cnut. Forgot couple of K from the Sun would help.
  6. Bugger me! Not alot tends to wind me up nowadays but...... argghhhh!

    We have his name, we know where to find him! Could somebody local not kick the living crap outta this chod?
  7. I wouldn't want them to stop when all the shit had come out :twisted:
  8. I hope that someone will take the time to report this to plod. seeing as we know the scrotes details and there is photographic evidence, he should get a fine he can't afford to pay at the very least
  9. He should be forced to stand in that spot on the 8th when all the veterans are lined up there, with that photo on a billboard around his neck....see if he STILL thinks he's clever when he's looking into the eyes of the very men he's disrespecting!
  10. i agree, and the sleeper should still be part of the London to Manchester line when they do this!!!

    Why did no-one in his group/party stop him?? this is why the youth of today are not respected!! there were a fair number of "stewards" there to control it!! where were they? F*ckers!
  11. Mail picked it up;

    Philip Laing 19-year-old university student at Sheffield.

    Yesterday a now sober Mr Laing issued an apology through his university.

    He said: 'I am deeply ashamed of this photograph and I am sincerely sorry for my behaviour. I didn't realise how much alcohol I had consumed that night and also hadn't eaten since lunchtime, which worsened the effect. I have no recollection of the events in the photograph, although I recognise that this does not excuse my actions. I apologise unreservedly for any offence I may have caused.'

    .........''South Yorkshire Police said if he had been seen he would have received a fixed penalty fine''.
  12. i'll go up there and give the little shit a slap, if i had the train fair
  13. Ive just put this on another thread but lock him up in Colly for a few weeks.
  14. Too late.... kick his face in! :twisted:
  15. Yo! Plod, it's called 'a photograph'…