Taking the piss in Nottingham

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ABrighter2006, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. Elaborate...

    City hit by 'legal to pee' prank

    Somebody is pissed off. :D
  2. Son of Banksy? love this kind of thing and have had Banksy's book for a while. Makes me smile. Of course, no one should condone this sort of urban mischief against our fine state. 8)

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  3. Legends xD
  4. Any chance of seeing CCTV coverage of offending females, just for the records of course.
  5. I was walking back from the shop about a year or two ago and 2 chav birds were in front of me had to walk down the alley to get to my house. Next minute the fat gopper of the two turns round pulls her pants down and tries pishing against my garage door which faced into the alley. Having not seen me she was asked what the fuck she was playing at her face was a picture! Slapper even told me to turn round so she could finish she was told to get to fuck or I'd put a toe right up her hole funny watching her waddle into the night trying to shoe horn her pants back up her fat arrse.

    Most annoying thing was they were only 50 yards away from 2 pubs one of which they were going to......Got to love them classy Preston burds
  6. always thought of the place as a sh1tehole rather than p1sshole.
  7. Only saving grace is that it has the only UK branch of Hooters