Taking the piss in Nottingham


City hit by 'legal to pee' prank

People should ignore signs telling them that it is legal to urinate in certain public places in Nottingham, the city council said.

The signs, which were put up by pranksters in and around Nottingham, are designed to look official.

They feature a toilet sign and include the words: "Public Urination Permitted After 7.30pm".

Nottingham City Council is now urging the public to ignore the notices as it sets about removing them.

'Cleaned daily'

The prank also featured a laminated note, headed with the logo of Nottingham City Council, which said the scheme was aimed at reducing the mess faced by residents outside their homes.

A spokeswoman for the authority said: "It is an offence to urinate in public and these signs have been put up illegally, for whatever reason.

"We would urge people to ignore them, otherwise they could find themselves inadvertently facing a prosecution.

"We are taking the signs down as quickly as possible and if anyone spots one of the illegal signs we ask them to please contact the city council so they can be removed."

The notice reads: "In an attempt to reduce late night public nuisance, during the holiday period, Nottingham City Council has designated several public urination areas across the city.

"This urination area will be cleaned daily between the hours of 5am and 6am."
Somebody is pissed off. :D


Son of Banksy? love this kind of thing and have had Banksy's book for a while. Makes me smile. Of course, no one should condone this sort of urban mischief against our fine state. 8)


Any chance of seeing CCTV coverage of offending females, just for the records of course.
billc said:
Any chance of seeing CCTV coverage of offending females, just for the records of course.
I was walking back from the shop about a year or two ago and 2 chav birds were in front of me had to walk down the alley to get to my house. Next minute the fat gopper of the two turns round pulls her pants down and tries pishing against my garage door which faced into the alley. Having not seen me she was asked what the fuck she was playing at her face was a picture! Slapper even told me to turn round so she could finish she was told to get to fuck or I'd put a toe right up her hole funny watching her waddle into the night trying to shoe horn her pants back up her fat arrse.

Most annoying thing was they were only 50 yards away from 2 pubs one of which they were going to......Got to love them classy Preston burds
always thought of the place as a sh1tehole rather than p1sshole.

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