Taking the " Pish " in the Name of Science

I love these stories...

usually its a bunch of Aussie boffins involved in some dubious social analysis but this time its the Bulgarians - albeit in the employ of some unnamed pharmaceutical multinational who, no doubt, hopes to find a ' cure' for some dysfunction no one knew anyone had.

Anyway.. Seems that these boys in white asked 2500 men between the ages of 25 and 65 to go about their usual daily routine with the addition of 8 glasses [ 8 oz each ] of water to their daily intake. they then measured the length of their p!ss on rising the next morning [ duration not distance ].

don't know if this qualifies for the Guinness book, but it obviously impressed the clip board types enough for the info to make it to the media..

One 32 year old chap managed to unleash the stream for 2.48.3 minutes of continuous flow [ discounting the ancilliary squirts and residual squits ].

So, what I'm proposing is that we all help science by re-creating the experiment and report back in , say, 48 hours.. [ honest answers only ].. measurement can be made with any reliable chronograph [ mine's good to 60 mteres underwater and -25C temps but any sweep second hand type watch should do ] maybe the significant other or ' tart du jour ' could assist in the timekeeping.

Sorry ladies, there doesn't appear to be a companion study for females - though, I suppose we could add that to our enquiry into science here..

NOTE TO CORPORAL - CTAUCH and MDN - continuous drip from a catheterized willy into a colostomy bag doesn't count.

What say you?.. Up for a challenge?..

While, I too, would like to substitute another liquid for water, in all fairness I think we need to strictly re-create the original parameters of the study...

BTW, It might be against board protocol to cicumvent the word monitor.
around here it's "piss"


wouldn't be the same if a woman tried it!! :roll:

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