Taking the blokes out for a day and night - ideas

Discussion in 'Officers' started by The_Swede, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. I'm taking the blokes out for an "educational" day followed by a night out on the pop. I've done Portsmouth (D-Day museum, HMS Victory, then a great night in Tiger Tiger), I've done London (IWM), anyone got any other ideas. Launching from the Aldershot area on probably a Monday night, taking into account issues of squads not be popular everywhere etc...
  2. Might sound "waltish" Sir, but how about a days Airsoft / paintball, give them all a chance to shoot you.... :) then drinks after?
  3. RAF Museum, Hendon.

    Well - it is a suggestion.

    Tower of London too?
  4. Just some ideas already tried out/organised in a past life...........

    :idea: Trip to IWM Duxford Airfield
    Massive place with lots to inspire/look at such as
    :arrow: US aircraft Museum and memorial with only SR71 & B52 exhibits in Europe,
    :arrow: Land warfare hall with Monty's vehicles and best mil vehicles exhibits displays ever seen
    :arrow: View work in the Restoration workshops
    :arrow: Concorde
    :arrow: ME109 shot down in Battle of Britain,
    :arrow: Reconstruction of their Battle Of Britain Ops room
    Not to mention ( if you pick the right day) the chance to see some vintage aircraft flying (nothing like a spitfire rolling about in the sky over a genuine Battle of Britain airfield).


    :idea: Trip to Dover castle
    Again massive place with loads of history, great views, wartime tunnels and Op Dynamo control centre
    You could go on later to jump on a ferry for a quick booze cruise to Calais


    :idea: Quad biking day out at one of the many centres


    If a small party maybe organise :idea: sea fishing trip with a charter boat or boats, set up
    a bit of a sweep as to who catches the biggest fish/chunders over the side first!

    Hope these ideas help 8)
  5. 11 Gp bunker (Battle of Britain ops room) at RAF Uxbridge first, naturally.
  6. Don't the Royal Artillery do something where you can sit behind plexiglass in a bunker and have HE go off around you? I seem to remember an ex-RM Major who transferred to the RA arranging this for one of my previous places of work.

    Failing that, did the Delta-Force paintball at Southampton for a teenagers birthday party a couple of weeks ago - bloody good day out. Decent marshalls, kit, and well priced.
  7. RM Landing Craft Training Centre at Poole. Not sure if they'll still play but I took a platoon there once. Accommodation on the floor of the gym, day of racing around in raiders and stuff after night on pop. Everything I organised after that was "crap by comparison" as I seem to remember being told....

    The Bombard OP is the one that PompeySailor is talking about. Another good day out if a little sobering...

    National Army Museum in Chelsea followed by beers with Chelsea pensioners next door in the Royal Hospital - first one is easy to organise, second one happened by chance but might be possible to arrange through an RHQ or similar.
  8. If I can continue with the London theme, you could easily do the Cabinet War Rooms on Whitehall (which are really well done) followed by The Tower (which is probably one of the best days out in London bar none as far as tourist venues are concerned). Phone ahead and book a place for the Ceremony of the Keys and ask the Yeomen if you can have a quick drink in their mess (which is splendid) and try not to poke fun at the Gdsmn. From Tower Bridge you are then reasonably well-placed to go out on the pop in Central London (Walkabout near Temple is open 'til 3 AM) or head towards the "Hoxton Triangle" where London's widest array of strip-bars and lap-dancing venues are to be found.


  9. I second the visit to Chelsea Hospital idea. I did it a few yrs ago, the boys really like it, particularly if you can track down any of the Old Boys from your Regt. Ideal Corps/Regt Journal brown nose opportunity too!

    another good one, although a military theme, is a visit to the Firepower Demos at warminster. Well appreciated by the lads particularly if you're a cs or css arm
  10. i recommend taking the lads for a morning of being drowned in the Dunker at Yeovilton, followed by an afternoon helping out wiping bums at the local old peoples home, then spend the evening delivering soup to the homeless and needy :)
  11. how about trying to arrange a visit to the Met Police black museum ?
    I suspect this would be a popular one with the troops
  12. I've been there - it's excellent, but only takes small groups of 6-8 as far as I know.
  13. How about the Houses of Parliament? They will then need several very stiff drinks!

    Ask your local MP to sponsor you and you will see the bits that the normal tours miss!

  14. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    A day and a night - fly them to Berlin and back, fun all round :lol:
  15. Might be able to help: We get a few places on the waiting list.