Taking the AI Plunge


So, I've decided after much thought and, having moved half-way across the country, that I'm going to take the plunge and become and ACF Instructor.

Have approached my local unit and they leapt on me, almost literally, as I think noone has ever gone there with that desire before!

Anyway, having started going through the motions, I've began thinking about how I'm going to approach this opportunity. I've only ever worked with young adults before (18-22) and I'm just wondering about the best tack to take when dealing with less-aged folk. I'm 24 myself, but I'm aware that may as well be a 900 year age gap for all the good it will do. :D

This is an experience I really want to enjoy so I can do the best for the cadets that attend. I've already decided that listening and learning are going to play the biggest part, but any hints and tips on this and the skills side of things would be much appreciated!
Its great fun, just try to keep away from the internal politics as this tends to ruin the experience.
As for the cadets they are a challenge, some are super keen and want to learn everything you show them, some are very very trying so patience is needed otherwise you may wish to strangle the little fxcxers.
As for some of the adults as ex TA im sure you will quickly weed out the bullpooers among them. Most adults are professional in their approach. The cadets are great fun and would recommend it to anyone who likes a challenge.

Yes indeed, go for it. Well said Troop by the way. Lots of politics to be ignored.

Moving to ACF from Regs\TA was a quantum leap for me. The past three years have been fantastic. Cadets themselves are the most annoying, frustrating, rewarding, funny, irritating, keen, quick to learn little devils.

Even those of us with kids can add to our knowlege of the "Big Book of Implausible Excuses" and by the same token seeing Cadets eyes light up with the buzz of doing something worthwhile is just solid gold.

Without doubt one of the most rewarding things I have ever done has been to join the ACF. Enjoy yourself.
I have done it for 13 years and on the whole have enjoyed it. It is like any other walk of life. I have been lucky in encountering very few idiots. The one thing I hate about the organisation is the politics and the question"where do you see your career developement in the ACF?" IT'S A BL@@DY HOBBY! I would say to you do it as long as you enjoy it and feel you have something to give.

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