Taking swords abroad

Discussion in 'Officers' started by stoppage, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone got experience of traveling abroad with swords?

    A friend is doing the wedding in uniform thing in Poland in the summer and Ryanair absolutely refuse to take swords - even blunt ones as hold luggage. Have currently got two other ideas

    1. Dispatch a lucky person in a car from Germany.
    2. Parcelforce them to Poland and back.

    Am waiting on Parcelforce to give me thumbs up/down, but I suspect that it will be fairly expensive to get 10ish swords there and back. Does anyone have any other ideas or experiences?
  2. We had some dramas taking the Sandhurst Cup (which is actually a sword) to the US... I think that they eventually accepted it but put it into the cockpit. Fortunately we managed to persuade them to let us bring it back, too!

    I'm slightly surprised that they won't even consider taking it as hold luggage - when I was investigating getting .22 rifles to Norway for biathlon training, there were no problems about taking them and a limited amount of ammo on SAS or BA. Maybe try one of the 'full cost' airlines...?
  3. Try hitching a lift on a trooping flight.
  4. Try the full cost airlines or approach a Fencing club, they must have to take swords abroad now and again..and must surely know which airlines will and which will not.
  5. Thanks for the quick advice. I may go back to Ryanair knowing that it can be done and try and talk to a grown-up rather than a 10%er with a grudge against the British Army.

    Don't think the trooper is the way forward, even if there is one at the right time, between the movers, the crabs and the locals we'll be lucky to ever see them again!
  6. Ask these guys..British Fencing (swords not gardens...)

    Ther is a link on there about Eurostar taking swords..

    That or get hold of a Diplomatic Bag, theres a though ask the Embassy the Poles here must have some sort of liason as must we. We are all part of NATO, :wink:

    You'll just have to fly out on a 25 year old Antonov :D
  7. The representative was probably talking cack, how many pips have you lot got between you? Check their website. :p Call back and ask to speak to someone who actually knows their company's terms and conditions of flying.

    http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/conditions.php bottom of the page.

    Note swords are in list 2, being articles not permitted in the cabin, list 1 being items not permitted at all. I've known people to fly with Ryanair transporting goods in the second list in hold luggage, so I imagine swords are safe. Get back on the phone, quote the relevant parts of that list, and even better, ask for confirmation in writing - although you already have it from their T & C's, it can make travelling with more interesting goods a bit easier. At least print off that part of the page.
  8. You could always ask the Defence Section in Warsaw for advice, there's an Army Lt Col there...

    PM me and I'll send you the email address of the Defence Section translator - she's a real "Mrs Fixit" and a good friend of mine!
  9. someone is being difficult. I know an Iaido club in Northern Ireland who regularly fly to seminars in the UK etc with their swords. they just put it in hold baggage at one end and collect it at the other. the only restriction i am aware of is they have to be in a locked, hard case.
  10. Tried to take a sword on a ferry from Uk to France (had just been to a wedding and going to see family) - bloody customs did not allow me to take it! Asked them where they would store this valuable item (borrowed from a mate who's uncle had used it in the Boer War) - they had a small meltdown and it ended up being stored in the Bureau de CHange safe at the port!

    When they said this, I did ask if all of the galley's knives were locked away - they were not happy with this!

  11. I was recently given a rather gucci pizza cutter as a corporate gizzit by a company I was doing business with in Italy.
    Yes, you guessed it. It had to be checked as hold baggage. :roll:
  12. If you are doing the military wedding thing, it would be a good idea to talk to the MA because you require something called in diplo-French a lettre de sabres or some such. Basically it is your permit to ponce around on the Polish motherland's hallowed soil in your blue (or perhaps green) patrols without anyone mistaking you for "1939 Part 2 - This time it isn't the Germans". Good luck with ryanair, they are cranky as feck about anything to do with the military or even civilian weapons. Fenianair...
  13. Just a quick note, returning from Tenerife about three years ago, a group of lads were sat in front of me on the plane home. About 20 mins into the flight one of these guys gets his hand luggage out from under his seat to show his mates some trinket he had bought off a stall and produces.......... a mini fcuking samurai sword!!! About three feet long in all, no one batted an eyelid. Tis a strange world we live in indeed......!
  14. Stoppage

    Have you tried the Army Pentathlon Team , it was based at RMAS.
  15. Ryanair have relented! This should be ok as long as they don't change their mind on arrival at the airport - will try and get it in writing. Thanks for all the advice!

    Cuddles thanks, will get the groom or best man to look at the political clearance stuff, it may have been done already - but i suspect not