Taking small arms home on leave WW2

I think that would mainly have been Home Guard use.

In early 1980's in NI a UDR base in a sizeable old house that had been taken over at the start of the troubles was being vacated and sold off. The search team checked the place thoroughly and I signed off the FFE certificate. House duly sold off and renovations start.

A few weeks afterwards I am called to the Ops Room to explain myself as the ATO task is called in as builders have discovered a sizeable ammo cache! Fortunately it was as they broke down a wall and found a secret cupboard with a stash of WW2 date stamped ammo in a hideaway that had been plastered over. Probably in preparation for an invasion.
Might I ask which camp that was?
I don't know about while serving, but at the end of his NS, Swiss conscripts were allowed to buy their service rifle, albeit converted to semi auto only. Don't quote me on that, though.
Believe that it is still standard Swiss military policy for conscripts to retain their service rifles when they have completed their alloted period of service. Being that most every adult has been a conscript, has their service rifle and ammunition stored ready at home - it makes Switzerland a very safe place with a huge reserve army to call upon but despite these weapons and their easy access, gun crime is extremely low especially when compared to the rest of Europe!


My late dad brought home a Beretta M1934. I've a sneaking suspicion it wasn't standard RAF issue!

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