Taking Sky satellite box/card to Europe - ???

Any Sky or satellite resellers here with current info?

This question came to me from some of my Dad's pensioner pals in Spain. Of course there is huge demand for UK TV down there, but the oldies find it hard to find accurate information from the multitude of rip-off merchants flogging satellite and broadband services in Spain (including Telefonica...).

I understand its always been naughty and breach of contract to take a UK Sky system and use in Europe. I was under the impression that Sky had somehow blocked this use - possibly by requiring their boxes to be connected to a UK telephone line - but I still see hundreds of UK Sky installations in expat bars in Spain.

The current story from blokes flogging the 2.5m dishes required to get good Sky reception is that it is still possible for someone to obtain one of the "duplicate" boxes designed to give you a second satellite TV in a UK home, and that this box/card will work when shipped elsewhere in the satellite footprint.

Anyone know what the current situation is?
It still works here in Scandinavia, as one of my mates has got it. I've just got a box, and am on the lookout for a dish, but I'm unsure as to which size I need. I've heard that the bigger the dish, the better the picture, but I don't want to overdo it (big dishes are expensive!).

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