Taking pull ups to the next level.

Just started doing 11 pull-ups three times a day in addition to regular workouts and found good results. On the last rep, I always lower myself down to the hanging position very, very slowly, which works nicely.

Anyone got any better techniques? I'm aiming for 3x 14 by the end of the month, 3x 16 by the end of November and 3x 18 by the end of December. That should translate to about 25-30 max effort.
Armed_and_dangerous said:
yeah dont do them every day or you'll plateau, and hit a wall, so to speak
Saying that ive only ever managed 12 continuous pull-ups!
p.s i found beaking them down into sets and doing a best effort every other week increases the number you can do
Hold a 10kg/15kg/20kg (increase once you're comfortable) dumbell between your feet and drop the reps down. Not useful all the time, but it really swells the muscles up and once they're swollen go back to heavy reps and you'll get the best of both worlds.
I thought this thread was about stockings and therefore am very disappointed with the content. Take your unhealthy fascination with fitness elsewhere.


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