Taking one for the team

Make your bollocking worth while, by putting on a ball gown and a full mag on your rifle, go out in to the car park and litter the side of the Austrains vehicle with a burst of auto, while singing the theme tune to "The Fall Guy"

Thats what i would do anyway

Regards from Broadmoor

Donut ;D
Know what your talking about mate.  When you carry out the instrustions to the T, and then some goof higher up the feeding chain doesn't do what is required, and then hasn't got the balls to stand up and say 'It was me who messed up here'.  Shallow, weak willed and no idea of honesty.  And they hold a higher rank !!  I've only ever met a handful people who were my peers in the Army and had the balls to admit when they were wrong.  Is this an inbred thing in the Forces?  'I'm a higher rank, I've messed up, but so as not to lose face, the lower rank can take the fall'.   Or have I just had the displeasure of working with some right toss pots?

Dzerzhinskiey, you don't work for the ARRC do you?  Lordy, talk about different cultures, morals and values ! Trust no-one !!
Alternativley I do have a ball gown you can borrow, its in last years colour, but I have matching purse & ammo pouches.

A visitor just came onto my ward and asked a colleague what that man was doing hanging from the ceiling, he replied "Oh don't worry he s harmless he thinks he's a lightbulb"

She replied"Well why don't you pull him down"

My mate says "what & work in the dark"

On the other hand on a more serious note

Revenge is a dish better servved cold, bide your time, chances are the spineless one will need you before you need him, stitch him then, or just put rabbit poo in his lumpy box sandwiches ;D

Don't take one in the ass from anyone, not if its not you thats fu#ked up, the army isn't the same as it was and peoplel will have to stop and listen


different Army same situations.
I had put on one of my 2048's "does not pay enough attention to detail". the reason a troopie forgets to pass on a message  to me, poor old OC had no hot water for his early morning wash and tea & muffins for brekkie.... thought they would punish me  by putting me with the "chunky" defence section, best Bde exercise I had for ages, got to be all warry and put on makeup instead of hiding in barns and wiping officers arses.


The worst group of people you have to beware of are the 3pips or 1crowners who are finally in aposition to have troops "under them" in an OP environment!

Will never happen again, should never have happened then.

Whan given free tickets to go to a Balkans "beauty pagent" invited cool/slack TA officer as chaperone type grown up but was told to hand in tickets to Major in charge and that we couldn't go.  :mad:
Got in the day after to find he had used his own tickets for himself and brownnosed a senior Orrificer by using my tickets to invite him and his ADC along! :eek: :eek:
Tried to make light of it by claiming that "all the girls were dogs, not as good as his wife!"
Lying git, his wife was a h*u*d  :-X and the pictures I later saw showed many scantily clad dusky Balkans girlie beauties :mad: ???.

Maybe not the safest girls in the world but after a few months the quality threshhold was quite low!!


If you are the DZ I think you are? Who taught you to write so elequently??? Vague memories of a DZ having a discussion, about some trivial subject, with a junior colleague. Not got a clue what it was about, but to those of us listening, the colleague had a good knowledge, of said subject. When it looked like you'd come out of the discussion as the underdog....... you punched him out.
A carreer ending move, but loyalty to his other comrades and Sqn, kept him quiet.


Whats Austrian Dialect german for I was only obeying orders?


War Hero
Had a similar back-stab. Running a NI Ops Room on nights and internally distributing the NIREP, on one occasion (cos as per usual we were stretched for manpower) I delivered the NIREPs personally and personally placed the HQNI copy under the Chief Clerk's door for said CC to fax to HQNI.

Couple of hours later, I'm dragged from my scratcher to explain to the RSM (ohne tea + biccies) why HQNI didn't get its copy of the NIREP and that there was important stuff on there they needed to know about - be fcuked if I'd seen anything different to the usual drivel of how Micky McFcukwit wouldn't be walking for a while.

Told RSM what I'd done, CC summoned into room and CC blatantly fcuking denies to the RSM and my face that the NIREP had been delivered to the CC office. Now if I'd had one of the troops to do the job I'd have taken it on the chin and in turn they would have taken one on the chin but this time it was me and me alone that did the delivery so protest was in order......but it got me fcuking nowhere, CC had a crown more than me so that was it - endof!

Surprisingly, no extras for me until my boss told me that the RSM was happy that I had delivered the NIREP and that the CC was a lying tawt but that he had to be seen to support his CC.

Never did get the chance to get the cnut back!


Dzerzhinskiey said:
Im feeling a bit pissed off right now so I thought Id share an experience with you that occured just 5 minutes ago. Has the following ever happened to anyone else? I have just returned from the Chief Operations Officer's 'IN TRAY' from where I received a delightful one way conversation. I wont go into detail because im on tour but basically I deal with the passage of information to and from the JOC I work in. A week ago the aforementioned COO gave me a message that he insisted must be handled by the duty officer. I passed on said message with the clear instructions of where and when it had to go to my relief (a SGT), who in turn would give it to the DO when he returned from evening meal. To cut a long story short, the message did not get actioned until the Senior DO spotted the message and its urgency. Of course,it was my fault for not passing the message on at all!! Bearing in mind I work in a multi-national enviroment it is so refreshing knowing that the lowest common denominator (LBDR) is the one who has to bend over and...Take one for the team. I especially enjoyed the part where the COO (an Austrian) told me of his disappointment at my lack of ability to follow basic orders!!

I thought Id put this in here because it is quite a funny story but it really isn't on. Thoughts anyone?
I thought that might have given it away abit?


Dzerzhinskiey said:
This must be the oldest thread drag back in ARRSE history! I wrote this 4yrs 3mths and 23 days ago.

Sorry Skibum, I was a gunner so not part of a sqn.

Cheers for the reply mate.

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