TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM - knowing the art of confusion

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. We have all been there, you and your bezzer out on the sauce. And theres two birds, one's do able and the other is clearly rats. Like the scenario when me and my mucker Gee went down the town of his hometown.

    However I thought I was the the one who had the short straw, so I duly entertained the pig of the 2, mind you after a few sasperella's I could hear my mate shagging his bit of totty, whilst I also was on the job at the sea front as, we clearly werent going to take them home....

    He said whilst pumping her "your fucking rats and I want to shag your mate"..... I was not only shocked but pulled my pants up pissed myself laughing as said said to him ... I thought I was the one taking one for the team!!!

    I got up and said well sorry to disappoint love but I am for a kebab and wnak...... I got the duty high heels thrown at me and she just went fcuk bezerk my mucker G, as me and my mate staggered back to his place to rendez vous for some post p1ss scran, laughing all the way home.... You know the saying you have to be cruel to kind! :twisted: Moral of the story make sure you plan your filthbag scenarios better, before you both be the fall guy for your own bezzers......
  2. Maybe it just me then????????????????
  3. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that they were, in fact, both gopping, it's just that you two cnuts were too pished to notice.
  4. Is this some new form of codex?
  5. Say again in clear, over.
  6. Bitter and twisted.............. and stilled pissed it appears.
  7. Went out on the pop about 11 years ago with a mate in Munster (Bob), pulled two half decent birds (ok one had a nice body but was a bit of a lesbian lookalike), after a couple hours drinking the fit one sidled up to me and stuck her tongue down my throat, I got the impression she was making a statement to Bob. He was gutted, as he'd been trying to work his way into her for ages. I'd been talking to the hippy the whole time, convinced it was me that was about to jump on the grenade.

    Woke up the next morning and she still looked as good*

    *I must stress this was the only time it ever worked out this way, as I normally end up with space hoppers.

  8. So what part of this literary masterpiece is news to Arrse members?