Taking on the Taleban, six months on; Panorama 2030 09/06/08


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Apologies if already posted, but this could be worth watching. The short clip there does bring home some of the cost.
On first glance of the trailer, i am heartened to see the young soldier still serving, despite having lost an eye.
I posted about it a few weeks back,it's meant to be very good.Another one for the planner is on ITV4 tommorow night (Tues) 2200Hrs.It's Andy McNab's Tour of Duty & It's along the lines of Ross Kemp's recent one.

Oh Before that McNab one on the same channel is SAS-A Soldiers Story & the first series of Bad Lads Army is being repeated,again on ITV 4 at 2100Hrs Thursday.
Just put this programme on. Seems as though it will be only fleeting coverage rather than the whole episode. Damn, I was looking forward to this.

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