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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shandyswiller, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Ok, posted topic once and the Anti All things Army jumped on the thread and turned it off Topic. and it was taken down for that reason. I hope this can stay up this time and just the Oxygen thieves post taken down

    This thread is in relation to banning the Sun Newspaper


    This is not about who did what, but about why we don't sue the press more often. I know the argument about the cost of bring such action towards the press for the humble Pte could look a tad horrifying.
    However there is the Army Legal Aid scheme, Civ Legal Aid and most Law firms that deal with defamation casework do have the No win No fee scheme based on the strength of the case.

    End of the day, the Forces get a bad deal from the Press and the forces fail time and time again to take legal action against the press.

    So back to thread, is it time that service people start taking on those Jernos, newspapers that time again slate not only the good name of the Forces but also the reputations of those who's name is spread across the pages. As before Col Collins was a prime example who grabbed the bull by the horns and gave them a bloody nose. It stopped then doing it again to him and im sure the press would think twice before making accusation towards him again.

    Should the MOD do more in helping finance a soldier or Officer if he rightly wants to defend his reputation and that of the Forces?

    Oxygen thieves need not apply.
  2. F*ck off, you were boring the first time.
  3. :lol: No your augment was armourer. next well thought of comment. perfectly valid question. If it is boring you, dont post, simple.

    Problem is Armourer as you posted before most soldiers think sh*t I dont have the cash to take on the big papers, when it should not be so. Education helps to dispel that wild rumour.
  4. Yawn, now f*ck off dipsh*t.
  5. You have to have a reputation to destroy first before you can sue anyone.
    Oxygen Thieves, that's rich coming from the likes of you.

    'OOH he said I was a bad man best find a lawyer to sue him'
    Grow up Numpty!
    Half the things said on this board border on Libel!
    Hell, I could sue you for defamation of Character!
    Jan Manship Milligan
  6. see, you cannot that bored. I bet your forearm is massive.

    was the post aimed at you???
  7. Who are you expecting to read it?
  8. P*ss off, if you want to start an anti army topic, go do it on a lefty faggot forum.
  9. im sure you know where thay are
  10. Oh Just one other thing swiller, If I were you, I would stop using Timmy Boy as a good example.
    Unless of course you want to incur the wrath of Jan.
    Timmy may have won one round, he sure as hell wouldn't win many more.
    Remember, All his Thirs turned against him when the cards were layed on the table.
    Mister Collins is a Bullying Thug.
    Jan Manship Milligan
  11. "A lefty Faggot Forum"Can you please enlighten .

    Don'nt know about Lefty but there sure are a lot of 'Faggots' in the Officer's Mess.

    It takes a nasty inadequate little Fag who wouldresort to raping an 18 year old lad.

    Is that what your Public School teaches you? How to abuse and rape young men?
  12. You mean " I'm sure you know where they are."
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    Edited to add: You think I went to Public School, moron.......Oh hang on, I did.
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  15. C*cksucker?
    So you do know where the faggots are.
    See hiding your light under a bushel.
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