Taking off the shelf medicines overseas


I'm flying to New Zealand at the end of the month for a sort of working holiday on a sailing ship. They've asked me to aquire around £50 worth of Stugeron seasickness tablets for them as they can't get them over there.

My question is, does anyone know of any Customs regulations with regard to transporting larger than normal quantities of off the shelf medicines? 20 odd boxes of Stugeron is a bit over the top to claim they're for my personal use only! I'll be flying from London to Singapore then on to New Zealand. I've looked on the Customs websites for the relavent countries and only found information for prescribed medicines. Thought I'd ask here before I start having to make expensive phone calls.

Thanks in advance for any useful answers.


I have bought tablets containing cinnarizine in Singapore so Stugeron is OK but ask yourself this question:

Do I fancy spending any time in Changi Prison whilst Singapore Customs have my suspiciously lavish supply of Stugeron fully tested for Narcotics?


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Your best bet is to speak to the relevant High Commissioners Offices. You might like to speak to HMRC here as well, there are such things as outbound controls.