Taking my car

Once i get to my regiment i would like to take my car with me. Only problem is i cant leave it outside. will there be anywhere on base that i could possibly rent a garage space or anything like that?
You might be able to. But am not sure as am not in the forces but i know plenty of people who leave their cars on base and also if your worried in case it will get pinched, your on a army bace so its secure.

There is garages on some bases, but not to sure if you can rent them out.
Speak to QM Dept, they normally control Single Living Accom garages. You may have to go on a waiting list though. Why can't you leave it outside, 95% of people do? And rent charges are about 70p a day I think.
I its a 1965 mustang and ive just spent loads of ££ doing it up. And it being old and american it will turn to swiss cheese if i leave it outside. at the moment its in my next door neighbors garage as mine (well my parents) is full of parts. It wouldnt be a too much of a problem leaving it with my parents but after having it in their garage for the past 3 yrs im sure they would like to have the space back.
Invest in a good cover as chances of getting a garage straight away that is even if your new unit has them are in the range of zero to nothing, always seem to be people after them and have a waiting list for them with the units i have been to that have them.
worried in case it will get pinched, your on a army bace so its secure.
I'd be worried that it's the buggers on base that do the pinching ;)

The modern day Army trys to accomadate all people with all situations, many people have cars, it's just a case of where to leave it, the chances are there's some parking space on camp, near the accomadation, but that can in fact vary from camp to camp, usually it's just some concrete crap :D

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