Taking my car to Germany when posted

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by acm2205, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know the rules on taking my car to Germany when posted there in terms of insurance etc.?

  2. Yes like the uK you need it....

    sorry mate that was flipent of me ...
  3. You need to be insured by a "recognised" company. The BFG Office in your unit can give you the gen. Before you leave UK, get a "green card" from your insurers this allows you to drive on the continent.
  4. You'll need green card insurance - there are load of providers, dont be led by naafi - and you'll need to "BFG" your car. That means applying for a couple of forms, buying continental lights, having your car BFG inspected (like an MOT for BFG cars). Once all the paperwork is sorted, you'll receive new plates, a free tax disk and the holy grail of the BFG process, your fuel card.
  5. Yeah it cost me a one off £25. You then have 30 days from arrival to BFG (register) your car over there. I dont suppose its a ford fiesta is it?
  6. Another good tip is that you can often buy or borrow lights for the test out in BA(G). You are not supposed to take them out the next day - so don't whatever you do!
  7. They are handy to have though, mine are still in the garage but can use them again if I ever go back to the continent.
  8. true, but they have little value in UK as most folk just use black nasty triangles
  9. you are better of in the long run buying a left hand drive...

    I go to Germany a lot and I still see uk cars with the wrong headlight,blinding me at night is it a case of ill wait till i get stopped..before I change them...............
  10. You'll find a lot of UK insurers now include green card as standard but check if insurance is still valid if you change your address. They don't need too many excuses not to pay out if you are unlucky.
  11. Not the case in the very near future. From march 08 all headlights must have a positive directional slant to the right in order to pass a lighting test.

    I don't think you would have passed a BFG test with the stick on triangles any way (could be wrong though)
  12. You are not forced to use the list of insurers provided by the evil empire that is the BFGVLO; that would be a cartel, and illegal. You can use any insurer you like provided they meet the BFGVLO's requirements, which you can get on request. However, unless you have a modified or classic car it may not be worth the hassle.
  13. You are right, for BFG testing the lights' outer glass cover must be free of things like tape or transparent beam deflectors.
  14. I thought you were just being flippant.
  15. Or buy Beam Benders :wink: .