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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Jack H, Jan 7, 2005.

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  1. Thanks for your valuable input, friend (note correct spelling). You're quite right, of course, that I don't know you. You can, however, be sure that if I did I would refrain from using that knowledge to attack you on a public website. I have more dignity and self restraint than to resort to that.

    If I was a little more cynical, I might even read an element of "LOOK EVERYONE, I ACTUALLY KNOW so-and-so" into such posts. However, I am still able to draw a distinction between an online persona and real life, so I avoid making such judgements. Which is also why I'm quite happy, when it suits me, to set myself up as the fall-guy in posts or chat. I am confident in who, and what, I am so I feel no need to belittle others except in good humour.

    As for your "assessment" of me as a real person, I'll leave those users who actually know me to form their own opinions. The others, to be frank, can take me as they wish but I suspect they'd find, if they reviewed my posts, a somewhat more rounded and complex personality than you demonstrate with yours. I can even answer you without having to resort to petty insults and swearing!

    Or no, if the mood takes me. As it sometimes does when dealing with pathetic, insecure, attention-grabbing little sh its like you, who won't even stand by what they previously said. Oh, and haven't even got the fcuking decency to keep their crap in the forum it belongs in. Of couse, having enough intelligence to actually remember what you'd previously said, or at least to know which forum you're in, would help ;)

    All the best, mate :)
  2. Give it a rest you boring fcuk. Go and fawn over one of the sluts on here you prick.
  3. Oh, DB2! Nice to see you again. Just come out to sycophantically lick Biscuits' Arrse, have you? ;)
  4. As always,the subtle,delicate verbal cut and thrust from the Master of Wit&Repartee :lol: :lol:
  5. No, I just enjoy giving you shite.
  6. I'm not as attention grabbing as your missus though..........wonder who's doing her right now?
  7. Lets get you lot to meet in trafalgar square and sort this out-eh!

    That way you don't clog up the boards with your drivel :wink:

    What was this thread originally about????
  8. I think it was about you doing a womans job.
  9. Honestly, I wonder who is doing her. It must hurt mate, knowing that someone else is poking her. Do you sometimes find yourself wondering what could have happened if only.......? Is that why you come onto this site LJH? Looking for lurve? Hoping that one of the site - slappers will take pity on you and give you a sympathy sh*g? Must be awful for you mate.

    Anyway, I only posted this so that I can see just how far this can be compressed.

    Seeya lonely! :twisted:
  10. Oh really. And you still profess not to be Ma or Baddass? You used to be funny.

    At least I have to balls to take sh it on here and meet with other arrse users. You, however, prefer to sit there and dish out crap to other people (namely me - because you are obviously short and have "Small Man Syndrome, or a small willy and cannot satisfy your wife). Talking about people getting a life, you should try it yourself.

  11. Only becuase I love the stockings on me hairy legs
  12. RTFQ


    And I got all excited there for a moment, I thought it was an interesting expose on the female perspective of bumsex...
  13. You meet people from this site in the hope of getting poked. Having seen the photos of those who attended your London bash, I'd say some of them are as desperate as you, in Little Gay Horners case, moreso. Now beat it you troll.
  14. And only five days to think up that cutting comeback. Getting better, fella ;)
  15. Nice to see you've spent that amount of time waiting for me. It must have been purgatory for you.