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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by BritIndependence, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. ...Basically, I do not have any GCSEs. I do, however, have a 2:1 BSc (Hons) International Relations with a 1st Class Distinction in dissertation. I got to University via an Access to HE course which, I've come to realise, means Jack Sh*t to the Army for some reason. The very unhelpful RLC recruiter tried explaining to me that GCSEs are of higher value than a degree, but that's another story in itself... Therefore, it seems that I have no choice but to sit 5 GCSEs.

    My queries are: has anyone had any experience with sitting GCSEs as an external candidate? Do you think it's realistic to sit 5 GCSEs before this Summer is out? I've contacted AQA and my local college, but have heard F-all back.

  2. Try going above the recruiter's head, as usually they have **** all idea of what they're actually talking about. Ring up army recruiting HQ and explain your story to them, you might get some relief there, as each case is assessed on its individual merits.
  3. Try a company called Pearson. I did an A Level through them whilst I did my degree, really helpful and have test centres all over the place.
  4. Thanks. Do you mean to ring the Int Corps recruiting team themselves, or someone else?
  5. Yeah, try the Int Corps recuiting cell, as they're the people most likely to have a decent idea of what they need and wants.
  6. I'm fairly sure that a 2:1 will trump a few GCSEs particularly since they can now be passed with a combination of coursework and multiple re-sits of exams until you achieve the grade you want. Alternatively, there is probably a nice chap in Delhi who will knock out a handful of A* s in your chosen subjects for a small fee.
  7. Honestly, when the recruiter said that there was no way and that I'd need GCSEs, I nearly sh*t myself with disbelief. How could a few GCSEs outweigh a bloody degree!?!?! This is truly an insane policy and seems to represent a "tick box" culture...

    I would have been better off getting my GCSEs and not doing my degree.
  8. No, you would not be better off with GCSE's and no degree. Don't be daft. Stop complaining, and get this sorted.

    Speak to the INT CORPS recruiting team, as has been mentioned. They will either have the answer or will be able to find it. Remember not to rely only on the degree itself, as it's possible your Access To Higher Education qualification can be used in the stead of GCSE's or A-Levels.

    Don't get gobby with anyone on the phone or in the Careers Office about the validity of your qualifications over those required on paper. Don't approach the topic with exasperation. Explain the situation and ask politely if they're aware of a precedent, or if they know of anyone who might.
  9. i'm sure common sense will prevail when you get to speak to somebody sensible. i was once looking into something which required a degree, but i explained that i had jumped straight from GCSE / O level study to doing a Masters, without going through the standard A level / Bachelors degree route. they said a masters would do fine, even though the black letter of the law said i had to have a bachelors degree.

    i assume you're going for the INT CORPS? if not, let me know and i'll move it somewhere more appropriate for you.
  10. I thought an Access to HE course was worth more than 5 GCSE's?
    And surely a BSc 2:1 is worth more than 5GCSE's??
  11. Noted and taken on board.

  12. I am indeed going for the Int Corps. And I too hope that common sense will prevail.

  13. I thought the same and, indeed, was told exactly this by my University. I'm not sure many recruiters have heard of it though.