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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Danny_Dravot, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi...this is a question for you very clever PQO types...

    An elderly relative who suffers with asthma has been prescribed prednisalone (sp.) to bring her condition under control, notably suppress reactions with 'triggers' eg., pets dust, pollen etc, no my question is this, why prescribe a steroid and not anti-histamine, when, presubably they do the same job?

    Or am i just being a thicky regular-officer type! I would ask my one mate who's a doc, but he's currently in the sand pit!
  2. Steroids are chemicals that are naturally made by your body. The steroids you take as asthma drugs are made in a laboratory. They calm down and prevent the swelling (inflammation) in the airways of adults with asthma

    Steroids are usually used to treat attacks alongside other treatments such as oxygen (in hospital) and quick-relief inhalers (salbutamol or terbutaline). Steroid tablets take three to four hours to work. In the meantime, the other drugs help relieve symptoms.

    The full name for the steroids used in asthma is corticosteroids. These are produced naturally by our bodies to deal with inflammation.

    Just giving anti histamines with help with the alergic reaction, while steroids help strenghen the lungs against further attacks

    Hope this helps
  3. This is all correct (in fact, sounds like nursienorth is more knowledgeable about this than I).

    To clarify further, antihistamines only work to prevent a specific type of allergic reaction (they prevent mast cell degranulation, which is relevant to truly allergic responses). They do not directly reduce inflammation, which is what they are trying to achieve with the steroids.

  4. cheers guys...i will put granny's mind at ease!
  5. Whatch out though Goon if your granny starts getting aggressive and kicking the sh1t out of people. And by the way, could you forward some of that sh1t to me?
  6. i'm assured that they're a very different type of drug, although i'll keep an eye out for bitch-tits and acne on her just in case!
  7. Hehe. Yeah, different sort of steroid - the ones she's been given a catabolic steroid; bodybuilders and Para-walts take anabolic steroids.

    They're both fairly "hard-core" treatments if used incorrectly or taken when you don't need them. Catabolic steroids make you fat, but they don't give you, how did you phrase it?, "bitch-tits".