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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by copey, Apr 10, 2006.

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  1. now, once upon a time there was no CDT and drugs were rife, i remember once upon a time when there was at least one user in every 4 man room. Half the camp would dissappear on a friday to go out clubbing with a pocket full of pills and powder, then come back and smoke themselves back down. CDT is now all around us, are people still having a dabble? If so how do you manage swerving detection? Or is it a case of a bit of charlie when you know your gonna get a few days away?
  2. I was around before CDT and may be being naive but i didn't know anyone who regularly went clubbing with pockets full of pills and powder, oh there was one guy at 7Bde got caught though. 1 in 14 years not exactly rife.
  3. im not bull$hitting you, it was absolutely rife at herford, i think the monkeys knew it was going on but were unable to prove it
  4. Concur with hallveg. I was aware of 2 chaps in my career. One a scouser who did pills and got lifted by SIB at an M6 service station as a dealer and a Canadian done for pot. The Scouser got MCTC and the Canadian was booted out. Hope they both rotted in hell. Scumbag druggies Grrrrrr not on my watch.
  5. Thats there get out clause now, Dont sign off just go see your Tp Comd and tell him your taking drugs and hey presto out in no time.
  6. Was it some secret regulation I've never heard of? Did someone have to sign for the room druggie?

    Maybe somebody on this very forum has been taking something before posting.. about one in every five on this thread so far would be my guess
  7. If you admit it i think they now try to put you on some rehabilitation programme, theres an article on it in this months soldier magazine
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    And I think you are talking complete b*llocks.
  9. Was 1 back in 92 knew 2 lads who liked the gear and one was an RP! told the OC they took drugs and fancied each other gone in no time, also in a camp were at least 4 from another Sqn on the camp who had hash nights in the room had to use a secret knock (no kidding to let them know it wasnt a monkey ect) 1 later told his unit he took gear and got a local discharge in Germany, After basic few lads from our old troop got done for it and discharged. wouldn't be surprised if it's alot more widespread than the MOD let on/know about
    Oh can anyone remeber the chooiges in Venlo who would try and sell you gear then if they did dob you into the local undercover SIB?
  10. I knew of one guy in Hildesheim who has caught with a huge block of leb that he'd bought in Amsterdam and brought back with him. It was about the size of a 200 box of duty free cigarettes (apparently, I never saw it) he was caught and I believe booted out.
    The worst I saw was on a Frigate that I spent 3 weeks on in 1990 , a lot of the matelots were quite openly popping down to the quarter deck for a spliff.

    Wouldn't consider it rife though!
  11. i know of only one user in my time, and that was a recruit near the end of my time, when i was troopy. and i served from early 70's through to late 80's.
  12. Dont know the RHF used to get double figures during CDT :roll:
  13. Way after my time, I was in 86 - 92 and although all of my Civvy mates at the time were smoking drooogs, I never came across much in my 6 years.
    Even shared a camp with the Kingos for 18 months and don't recall it being an issue there either - which is surprising.
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I have to concur that it was rife during my time. I knew lads that were doing various substances but never knew anyone that did E's maybe it didnt catch on untill after I left.

    Had a good mate who would regularly find magic mushrooms whilst doing mobile patrol round the perimiter.

    The biggest bust I ever heard of was sometime in the Mid to late 90's when a bunch of guys from an inf btn got busted in NI. I'll ask my brother when it was, as he was the guy on the end of the 35mm nikon with the lense the size of a beer barrel taking the snaps, apperently they practically qued at the front door of a known pusher.
  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Rife??? You are still way off track. Look at the numbers...suppose the RHF get hit by the CDT - say 400 are people tested, and they get a "double figure" positive - say 15? 15 out of 400 = 3.75% and that would be considered a very very bad case. During my time at RD none of my units ever scored worse than 1% (3 out of 300 on one test was the worst)

    Now look at this link:


    The AVERAGE rate of drug use amongst 16 - 29 year olds in England and Wales is 25.4%

    with some areas of the country higher (e.g the North West at 30% - but then is that surprising if you have to live there)

    Let's get this into perspective gents before we give our journo friends enough material for another "exclusive".