Taking dog abroad.

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Hexitele, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. I'm looking at going to France/Holland October/November this year (Camping/BandB) and when I told a mate he asked whether I was taking my dog.

    Anyway it transpires you can take your dog (who knew?)

    Any of you actually done it though?

    Those who have was it straight forward or should I stick to plan A and leave him with family?


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  2. As far as I know you can take it as you will be leaving a Rabies free area (uk) and entering a Rabies Area (Europe)
    But when you return its Quarantine for pooch............
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  3. It's easier than it was 'happybonzo' I'm aware travels with his dog regularly, send him a pm.
    My dog has a passport but hasn't been abroad yet. Tunnel is best option as dog can stay with you in car.
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  4. I brought 1/3 of the Chez NobbyD Cat and Dog Menagerie to the UK last year. Piece of piss (ignoring a **** up on my part). Passports, Chips, Vaccinations and Worming all within date and there's nothing to fret about.

    Going out from the UK, as noted by others, is not an issue - just coming back you need to have your admin squared away
  5. Cheers for that.

    I know it's jack but I'd only be interested if it was relatively straight forward as fannying around at the vets before during and after seems a bit of a pain in the arse for the sake of a week.

    Besides he enjoys staying at my parents gaff as they treat him likes he's visiting royalty and he eats like he's at an a la carte.

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  6. Up to you it's never been easier.
  7. I think I need to read through your link properly after a good kip as it seemed a bit of a hassle at first glance and as always google just throws up more questions.

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  8. No fannying around before/during/after. Just in date jabs (which he has anyway), a Passport (buy once), a chip (as required anyway) Only the worming, and I gather from others a lot of vets will watch you dose fido in their clinic, and sign that it's been done and not charge

    What annoyed me was that it was 35 quid for me and the van, and would have cost the same if their were 5 people travelling, but the animals were a further 35 quid each and weren't allowed out of the van and get their moneys worth shitting on the axminster
  9. We always take Digger when we go to Euroland. Digger especially likes Ypres as he gets spoilt rotten by visiting Aussies and Kiwis.
    As Jarrod248 says "It's never been easier"

    Going out from the UK - The animal must be microchipped. Make sure that the Vet shows you how to use the hand scanner as you will have to do this coming back at Pet Passport control Euroland side; at least you'll then know where the "chip" is located then.

    The Rabies vaccine needs to be given not less than 21 days before you travel but there is not blood test required any more.

    Returning all you need to do is have your animal wormed by a vet. They will stamp the Pet Passport. The Tick treatment is no longer required although most French Vets don't seem to be aware of this.
    The worming treatment needs to be carried out not less than 24 hours before your return and not more than 96 hours. So you've now got a decent "window" to get the treatment done (It used to be not less than 24hrs and not more than 48hrs which could get a bit fraught if you were tight on time for the ferry)

    Finding a Vet in France: It's best to use PagesJaunes : Annuaire des professionnels et bonnes adresses Just type in "Vétérinaire" and then the town that you're staying and you should get the results you need. Failing that, ask on the campsite or Hotel that you're using.

    We use a Vet in Adinkerke, near Dunkerque. It's far enough away that you don't get charged the rip off prices that can prevail in Calais
    M Nathalie Delissen, 55 r Nationale, 59254 GHYVELDE and the Vet speaks English. It costs €30; money for old rope if you ask me.

    Digger and Moi at the Crater at Hill 60


    I would say that it's worth the effort. Having the dog with us seems to break down a lot of boundaries with people. Digger enjoys it as well as there's all the new places to lag on :)
  10. I've taken my dog to the UK last year twice without any problems. All you need is a pet passport, rabies vacination and 1-5 days before entering the UK an anti-worm treatment (should be written in the dog's passport and done by a vet). For entering Holland/France all you need is a rabies vac and a pet passport. Mind: don't forget the anti-worm treatment when you return to the UK! I've met a few Brits on the ferry last year who'd forgotten and had to extend their stay in France with a day.

    It's easy taking the dog.

    Edit: and the dog should be chipped of course.
  11. If you're coming back via Calais I can recommend this vet:-

    Valerie Delval
    11 Place Crevecoeur
    Phone 03-21-00-71-00

    Animal check-in is on the right as you come over the bridge towards th eticket booths.

    As has been said - a piece of piss....
  12. We travel back and forth with us and it is easy. Just be aware - as already stated, that worming tablets can only be acquired and given by a vet for them to be acceptable and the pet passport stamped accordingly.

    The only annoyance, is that you will have to stump up a huge amount for the ferry or tunnel! This really pisses me off!
  13. That's only because other countries refuse you entry.
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