Taking car to NI on posting

What is the score here, do you have to register it over there like the BFG system and what are insurance costs like compared to over here?

Cheers in advance BS.
Insurance was (2000-02 certainly) more expensive because the national sport of NI is thieving cars and burning them out.

You don't have to register the car with Coleraine unless you want to. Loads used to so they could have NI plates instead of Brit ones. How the fcuk they thought they'd fool anyone with NI plates and a sticker on the rear window for 'Catterick Ford' is anyone's guess.
Sounds like jimmys_best_mate has got it pretty well wrapped up. Additionally to that after doing a bit of research on the MOD website we came across a couple of links, the best been a link for the Army Families Federation AFF website for NI:


This site gives you all the information on moving out there and a fair few contacts. There's not very much published on Motoring and car registration, but it appears after looking through the website that car insurance premiums seem to be higher out in NI as to what they are in the UK, due to the fact that only security cleared companies can be used, therefore increasing the premiums. It's the normal score of a captive audience pays the highest price!

Motorbrowser.co.uk offers a free price comparison for car insurance you might want to give it a go and see what kind of quotes you get back. Please click HERE to check it out. It would be good to hear back from you to see how you get on.

For the full details I would email the AFF at: ni@aff.org.uk or call: 028 9226 6875.

Good Luck!
When I got there in 2003, you could get a quote for NI and one for SE London from the same company and claim back the difference from the Army. You would have to speak to your admin office when you get there. There is a big gulf in insurance costs but I managed to claim back about £450. I t is also true about the national sport being car theft. My unit there dealt closely with the police and there were at least 50 cars stolen/hijacked on a daily basis, quite a lot when you consider that NI has a similar population to a small English county.
Since the only replies came from "visitors" i thought i will give my reply. My qualifications are ( was born in NI, lived there over 30 years, served there and finally have driven there for 9 years.) The answers to the 2 questions were A. No and B. Yes. There are hundreds if not thousands of english cars on the roads in NI. So you will not be the only one. I,m guessing your car will be parked on camp overnight so security should not be an issue. I have never had my car stolen in NI. I now live in the north west of england so i knew i,m on borrowed time. Enjoy ur tour.
I registered and insured mine at my parents address in england for the whole 3 1/2 yrs I was there, only thing is you have to MOT and tax it in the UK when you travel back over, still saved me a packet on the insurance costs.

If something happened there just say your visiting who's to know the difference?
The reason for high car insurance here in NI is nothing to do with theiving fcukdogs or the "Troubles". It is down to the way injury compensation is awarded, large settlements are common. I know a guy who years ago got 90 grand for a broken arm.
I live in NI. Car was brought over from the mainland, insurance is only slighty higher than when I lived SPTA, extra £50 per annum.
Registered with the local post office for the V5 with the SFA address, no dramas!

Its all normal here now!!
My Dad live in NI and has my old company car, its a UK reg, no problems with it, although insurance is still higher over there.

My wifes car has a NI reg and we drve it here in UK no probs either, all part of UK, an the insurance here is cheap :D

Cars are alot cheaper to buy in NI. my wife Honda accord was £1500 less in NI than the same car in UK mainland, its the same for most makes.

If you know aout cars, you could pick up a bargain, or just buy one there and turn it around over here for a quick profit.

Used cars have traditionally been quite cheap here, as wages were for a long time pretty low.

I do a bit of buying and selling cheap 'n cheerful motors. 98 Clio, 90k miles and 8 months MOT. (The MOT here is a government test, conducted by the Gestapo). The little Frogmobile cost me £85. I taxed it for 6 months and washed it, then flogged it for £400.

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