Taking car fron Cyprus to BFG HELP!!!!

Sound complicated but maybe not (hopefully)

Bought new car in Nov 2006 in BFG (pink log book etc etc)

Found out posted to Cyprus 2 days later. Told by BFGLO that I had to take car to Cyprus as it was under 6 months old. Did that. Registered it in Cyprus as I was supposed to do and returned BFG docs etc.

Now, I am posted back to BFG in July. Spoke to SBA Customs who have given me the Cyprus 414 to register car in UK and off car goes on nice boat to Marchwood.

Now my question is, do I have to register the car in the UK while it sits at BZZ until my family fly over? or can i leave it on the Cyprus plates etc etc then BFG it when I arrive in Germany

If I can, it will save me a bit of cash and the hassle of queuing at a DVLA office

Many thanks guys

Yes you can.
Check with your insurance that they will cover you during this time.
Contact VLO Helpline on 948724100 with any queries you have on this.
You have your Cyrpriot logbook yes?
You will need to apply for a new Form 80.


hello mate,
similar thing happened to me, bought a car in cyprus then moved to bfg. was told because the car was 8 months old, once i registered it in bfg i couldnt sell it for 12months due to the new car regs. (thought it was bollocks to be honest)
i arrived in bfg in november, spoke to the bfg people and i had 1 month (or similar) to register my car, id ordered a new car so i just drove mine with the cypriot plates untill i picked the new one up in uk.
never got pulled or anything just couldnt get cheap fuel untill i got my new car


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Guy's you might be able to answer a question that has been annoying my hubby. He says we can take the car to Cyprus, but shed loads of people here (BFG) have said it'll cost 3k is that right?

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