Taking Air rifles to France.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by LoneTree, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. My parents have recently bought a nice little pile in France with around 7 acres to play with. My father has an acient BSA Airsporter which has clearly seen better days so I,m going to drop off a HW80 & Crossman CO2 rifle. And yes I have explained to him he could take full advantage of French firearms laws & get something with a bit more spunk but he just cant be assed as an air rifle will do exactly what he wants it to. My Question is do I just case them up , sling them in the boot & drive down there or is there anything else I need to do ? Like let the Channel Tunnel bods know before hand. Thanks..

  2. Emsav's a gun-runner? Who'd have thunk it.
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  3. aren't all mysterious French blondes gunrunners/assassins or some such?
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Don't bring air rifles to France unless for 10mtr ISSF shooting. Hunting with air rifles is not allowed and the power limit is just over half the UK limit.
    Everyone here has proper guns.
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  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    It's so easy to own a .22lr bolt action there - all you need is a fixed address - rented or owned so why not pick up something for the elderly parents to keep for you?
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  6. It's an interesting thought - I'll have to find out when I'm over next week.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    ...you will also need a sport license nowadays.
  8. Thank you my friends for allowing me to give some very sound advice to the OP.

    1. No ferry company or Eurotunnel will transport any item considered to be a dangerous weapon. This includes crossbows, knives (including chefs knives), firearms or ammunition even in small quantities unless prior dispensation has been granted. For this dispensation to be granted the traveller MUST declare such items at the time of booking NOT in the day of travel and complete a "Firearms Declaration Form" indicating the type and quantity of firearms/ammunition.

    2. The quantity of ammunition (1.4S) ex UK is limited to 100 cartridges/shells per vehicle when travelling to France providing the traveller is authorised to hold such an amount on their Firearm certificate. (MGN 340)

    3. The traveller MUST forward to the Duty Operations Manager, copies of their Firearm Certificate, European Pass and either the "Prefet's Authorisation of Detention" if required or an invitation to compete in a competition.The Duty Operations Manager will distribute the Firearms Declaration and copy documents to the ship/s or train/s concerned, the destination port, Port Security and the Port Police both at the port of departure and destination.

    Check-in/Embarkation: Vehicles: Original documents must be presented.
    • The Weapon and/or ammunition is to be retained in the boot or other locked space on the vehicle out of sight.
    • The vehicle registration number, car model and type is to be noted for onward transmission to the French Authorities prior to arrival.
    • Staff must check that no weapons and/or ammunition is/are visible from outside the vehicle.
    • A self adhesive rectangular red sticker is placed on the windscreen.
    • The vehicle is directed to a separate lane prior to loading.
    • On loading the vehicle is positioned in an area which can be monitored.
    • The vehicle should be identified on disembarkation so that it can be directed according to local port regulations.
    Extra Notes: Eurotunnel may well decide that your vehicle MUST travel on the Freight Shuttle rather than the normal passenger service booked. You have NO ALTERNATIVE BUT TO COMPLY. Ferry operators will park your vehicle on the ship in a place that they deem safe and can be monitored at all times from the bridge. Any failure to comply with these regulation leaves the traveller being refused travel and in extreme cases arrested. If you are not the holder of the "Firearms Certificate" for said weapons you will not be allowed to travel!!

    For the requirements here you should contact the following completing all paperwork required - it must be completed in FRENCH:

    Direction générale des douanes et droits indirects
    11, rue des deux Communes
    93558 Montreuil cedex.
  9. Some further notes for the OP:

    You cannot use a firearm of .22 calibre or less or an air or gas (CO2) powered weapon of any calibre, nor can you use a moderator (silencer) to hunt with. Even though the air rifle may be quite capable of such use, just not allowed.

    Our Gendarmerie will allow you to import a UK spec air rifle providing it does not exceed the 7 joules power limit allowed without a permit. If these weapons are over this power they need an EU permit. You CANNOT get this from the UK Police because it's not FAC. They are therefore liable to seizure by our customs as an illegal import.

    If you bring an air rifle to France and shoot anything living, and get caught, you will be treated rather badly as it's illegal to hunt with air weapons. Should you wish to hunt you will require a permis de chasse, difficult to get as you have to complete an intensive course before we will grant you one, and it covers everything including what to shout when you're getting chased by a wild boar.
  10. Well let's face it,we took thousands of English Longbows didn't we?......
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  11. Wild boar hey. Just exactly what is the Froggie for " get away from me you big fat hairy bastard, get those tusks out of my arrse"?
  12. For my good friend "Trowel" - Baiser de vous grand le gros bâtard poilu et obtenir ces cornes de mon popotin!!
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  13. Wow We did not know that. I have just got off the phone with him & told him this. Thankfully we very much doubt its over 7 joules as you can see the pellet when you fire the thing as its ancient. Hence me giving him a couple of mine. He was only going to use the thing for pest control on his veg patch & it was me who thought about going off elsewhere on the land. Would you require a permis de chasse for a shotgun used for pest control as it is agricultural land ? He speaks / reads French fluently & has a good understanding of weapon saftey so passing the course should,nt be a problem. It just seems a bit of a pain to do just to shoot the odd pidgeon etc. Thanks very much for the info , its probally saved him getting in the shit. He said he even chatted once with the Mayor while he was taking a walk with the air rifle & she did,nt seem bothered in the slightest.

    Thanks once again.