Taking a fruity young girl out in North London - restaurant?

Given that the Daily Mirror was once sued by Liberace for referring to him as "fruity" (or more accurately, "fruit-flavoured"), perhaps he...ahem..err...'she' might prefer a greasy spoon, followed by a few jars at the local?


Why bother with taking her out, just give her a can of special brew and a bag of beef monster munch. job jobbed!!
If you can't afford to show her a good time let me do it for you. I'll show her a no-expenses spared evening.

You can stay at home counting the shrapnel from your jew-jar safe in the knowledge that you'd be smashing the shit out of her if you were in my shoes.

Don't worry fella, it's not all bad. I'll send you the photos/video, and even RV with you the day after so you can sniff my fingers/cock.
As above: lemonade on a lemonade budget I'm afraid, Kentish Town/Tufnell Park area. Any suggestions pronto please as I've only got a couple of days!
It's called 500,

782 Holloway Rd N19, up Archway End.

You'll need to book.

There's a brilliant Italian restaurant up the Holloway Rd Archway end I believe. Its been on TV a few times.
I'll google it and edit it in.
A stroll around Regents Park and then to Fire and Stone, it's not too far.

In the summer time I used to take the tarts on the boating lake there, just nip to the Tesco Metro near Great Portland Street tube and get some wine and sandwiches. Then munch em and sip the wine daintily whilst gliding across the water in the boat. It helped that the other Romeos on the lake couldn't row worth a damn too.

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Incidentally, I almost got thrown out of Fire and Stone for trying to shag my date in the loo, bloody waiters!

If the OP was to put some teaser pictures up im sure there might be a few on here willing to advance him some date money in return for a homemade video of the young lass
Ah, ARRSE. The only site that gives abuse with the reviews. All help much appreciated, especially the kind gentleman who offered to take over and give my back a rest for the night. As for teaser pics: ha. It would undermine her dignity as an officer. And mine. Perhaps.


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Flask in Highgate.

Decent pub, good food, nice dark corners where you can discreetly put your fingers inside her without the bar staff noticing.

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