Taking a different turn: Insurgency in Iraq

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Diplomatic assaults?

The news about Egypt's top envoy being seized by gunmen surfaced about two days ago. Bahrain's top envoy is wounded and there has been an attack on Pakistan's ambassador.

Do you think the insurgency is taking a different turn attacking politicians?
I remember about two and a half months ago, there was an interview with
then Britain's top commander in Iraq where he said that the insurency was "flagging" Do you think it took a turn for the worst since he left April? In General Casey's most recent briefing, he seems to be on the same boat. He said that everything is moving in the right direction but the attacks, although less in quantity, seem to yield more victims.

Is there a change in the strategy of these insurgents? What do you think?
No it hasn't taken a different turn.

High value targets have always been an insurgent priority.

What is different , is attacking the envoys of other Islamic nations.

Something smells here.
I don't think anything smells here, what we're seeing here is yet another aspect of the multi-headed entity that is the insurgency. I doubt that the locals are involved, however the radical jihadis in country would see representatives of states they see as traitors to their cause as targets. The current regimes of Egypt, Bahrain and particularly Pakistan are not friends of Al Qaeda after all.

This tendency we have to treat the insurgency and Muslims in general as a homogenous mass is fatally flawed and in my view drives our inability to properly predict what they will do.
^ Yes. The jihadists view the governments of almost all the Arab nations as apostates for not espousing the Sharia. Ergo, their agents are not only legitimate, but actually priority targets.

If you view this development in tandem with earlier reporting re. insurgent tribes now fighting foreign jihadist groups then is it that, slowly, the heads of the hydra are starting to turn on each other? After all, many of the non-Jihadist insurgents want to see "normality" in Iraq, just not with the Americans or an American-themed regime there.

It's all sounding a bit Life of Brian to me:

"Are you the Judean People's National Front?"

"Fcuk off! We are the National People's Front of Judea!"

The nightmare is a Greater Beruit-type scenario developing. Umpteen paramilitary factions duking it out as proxies for a bewildering number of motives and sponsors.


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