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taking a chance posting


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this here as I couldn't think of a better place to stick it .

Have you troops seen those adverts for the Dollar coins which have been refashioned into holy grail tableaux or the all seeing eye etc etc . Has anyone here bought one ? I get quite a few adverts from the sellers in the USA but now they are aiming for the UK market but i have this sneaking feeling that they are a scam. Last offered at Just a tad under £15.00 plus p@p.
Just went to another window to get a link to an ad and begger me theres not one still on my facebook page .


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press here
or here

hmm that didn't work so I will try to paint a word picture for the hard of thinking imagination coz you obviously havnt seen this article but still needed to add your tuppenceworth. .

Imagine an old one Dollar coin, then on the obverse side they have stamped a picture of lets say the all seeing eye for example, with a few flourishes and garlands around it . when you press a hidden button the eye opens and displays a golden eye winking back at you . Or another fav is a picture carved / stamped of a knight in a piece of derelict castle overgrown with shrubs . You take his wee sword out poke it into a wee keyhole and a slide pops ups to reveal a wee golden chalice / grail .

I am now more than a bit convinced it might be a con owing to the fact that I couldn't copy the decent URL nor the wee video they advertise it with.
Hi Fank yew .
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Dyb and Dob?
That is some pretty neat work

It does look like some very nice craft work, but according to the comments at the bottom of the page in that link, some people have been conned out of their money.

People who bought into the rouse only received engraved coins nothing more. No secret doors or swords.
And thank you very much kind sir. is it a scam do you think there do seem to be a lot of sellers for these items .

Have a look and read through this site. The original artist claims he does not make copies of his work they are all one off's.



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thanks for that troops i smelt a rat and lo arrse scores again thanx.