Taking a 1 year Sabbatical

Hi I hope someone could help. Rather than signing off for good, I am interested in taking the above, to try another employment, spend a bit of time working on my marriage ect and being able to devote more time to our new baby when he/she arrives. I fully intend to come back after this period. Does anyone have any idea of what my chances are of this. I know its not a very widely publicised option. Would the CoC prefare to grant me this rather than me signing off. Any info would be appreciated!
Speak to your RCMO about a Career Break:

7. CB arrangements enable individuals to take a specified period of time out of their Army careers to
meet personal objectives or to deal with personal circumstances, which they would otherwise be unable to
do using leave entitlements and existing terms of service. It is intended that CBs will not only be beneficial to
individuals, but they will also benefit the Army (eg. By encouraging retention in the longer term). Eligible Army personnel may apply for a CB for any reason9, and each application will be considered on its own merits, although the approval of a CB will remain subject to the overriding needs of the Army. CBs will not be granted simply in order to enable personnel to take up other paid employment, but it is acknowledged that individuals might need to do so to support themselves while pursuing a personal or professional ambition during a CB.

2005DIN02-198 incase he doesn't know it.

Failing that, I can send you the PDF via Email if you like.

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