Takeshis Castle

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OLDBIGHEAD, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon :D

    Flicking through Sky this morning and stumbled upon a gem of a tv show, Takeshi's Castle!! A cross between Endurance/Its a knockout. Fcuking hilarious and some witty commentary from Craig Charles. They should show this on mainstream tv instead of crap like "Channel -4- show- set -in -a- house -with- loads -of -attention -seeking -arrse -holes" (Did you see how i avoided mentioning "IT" ?) :wink:
  2. Ninja Warrior is better. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I am sure there is a thread mentioning this before.
  3. Your welcome :D Id have done it sooner had i known you needed one :wink:
  4. Coast, Top Gear and then kinky boots?
  5. The Blood leaving your body as you do the honorable thing and end your sinful life for being a gopping gayer.
  6. Most welcome
  7. But then you'll go and do the same damn thing the next day, cruising for sqauddie cock on a forces website whilst acting camper than graham norton, end it now, save yourself and spare the rest of us.
  8. I said you act like graham norton, what I meant was without the being funny part.
  9. Oi spunk gargler - you were mildly amusing for a while with your homo quips and jokes. Now you're a grubby cottager of a military website trying to pick up "conquests". You weren't even a squaddie FFS! You dirty little civvy.
  10. Like I said - a civvy. I'm not ranting I'm stating. You're grubby and a cottager.
  11. So if you were TA Jarrod, does that mean that you now only sell your arrse on tuesdays and weekends? ;)
  12. Did you get kicked out of the T.A? :oops:
  13. It's not a huge rubber shod mud plugging monstrosity by any chance is it?
  14. Doesn't the paint affect your skin though? I'm sure it must sting. Or is that part of the thrill?
  15. I'm not sure I could rise to the occasion!