Takeshis Castle - Pure genius

What can I say, discovered this programme by accident whilst recovering on the sofa with the mother of all hangovers! Takeshi’s Castle has to be the funniest thing I have seen in years. The Health & Safety Exec would have a blue fit if it came to this country.
Skipping Stones or Bridge Ball are usually the best, to see them getting walloped in the face. The one with the paper thin and hardwood doors is also pretty good.
the kids love it!! i have even see the episode where the contestants acyually win!! full on squaddie humour, i am gagging to take part any body fancy a trip and make bloody fools of themselves!!
yeah its a quality programme, craig charles makes it with his witty comments.

i love it when they come out shouting and punching the air! Banzai!!
plays in North America on the Spike TV channel [ TV for Men -so they claim ] under the title "MXC Most Extrme Elimination Challenge"

on screen announcer types and contestants are dubbed with all sorts of sexual innuendo and ribald comments.. hilarious stuff.. Love the large roller compettition and the one where they have to stick themselves onto a wall wearing a Velcro suit...hell, any of the ones where the rubes get smashed with hard objects is worth a look, too...
yes yes yes! its nearly impossible to win and if someone does, they get no prize, no reward, nothing. crazy sh1t, stepping stones is definitely the best.
I think there should be an ARRSE team to go and have a go in Takeshi's Castle.... we might not win, but would be fun to have a go and see what crazyness Craig Charles would come up with in the commentry.... what about a theme, everyone to wear mess dress/ No 2s/ best dress etc as the funniest mad japanese contestants i have seen it in are in fancy dress, or a business suit or a large comical chicken costume.
The MCX version is now showing on Challenge (Sky 121). I had major tantrums from my 2 year old yesterday morning when I turned it off to go to work and take him to school!
the one where thay have to ride a bike as a whale, and the rope bridge, classics, i wonder if those balls hurt!!

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